Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, May 30, 2016

Thailand/Chaengwattana Week 59.... Teach when you find, find when you teach!

Hello Family! 

This week. It was full of so many amazing things, my mind can't even comprehend all of it. 

We went into the week saying "this week, we are going to see miracles". We were determined and ready for our last full week of the transfer. We busted it out all week, inviting and trying to find anyone to teach. We even taught the land lady about the the atonement and repentance. Teach when you find, find when you teach. Saturday came. So we have not had one person take a date to be baptized this entire transfer. We were still not even close to being balanced with our key indicators on Saturday night. But we still had faith that the Lord would help us. So as we planned, we said "we are going to get two member lessons, we are going to teach someone new and we are going to get a dater!!" Yesterday, we were able to teach three new investigators. As we taught about the restoration to Pat and แตงก่วา, they were so intrigued with the thought that they could find truth for themselves through prayer. They were also asking questions about baptism! I asked them both if they would be baptized. Pat answered first with a firm no, that she was not ready. I half expected แตงก่วา to refuse as well since her friend had just said no. But instead she surprised me by saying, "รับค่ะ." Yes! That was such a miracle. 

This last week, my life has been question filled. I want to know what everyone thinks of the world. I have the taxi drivers describe their Buddhist beliefs to me. And then I question them. When you pray, who do you pray to? What blessings have you seen from it? Where do you think you were before this life? How do you think that tree over there has life? How do you know what you know is true? What does that little Buddhist statue even do for you? Does it answer your prayers? Is it real? How do you know? 
It's fun because they get confused. And then they see. They feel it and they want to know if it's real. One of the taxi drivers came to church yesterday. That was awesome!! 
I have asked myself these questions as well. Who is Jesus Christ to me? Why do I follow Him? How has the restoration of the gospel blessed my life? It's so good to ask yourself those questions sometimes. Sometimes we just get in the rut of doing what we do because our parents, friends, and people around us do it. Then we become like these people, that when it comes to it, they just have no idea. They just do it because they're trained to do it. One thing I have learned from the restoration: God wants us to ask questions! He wants us to search and know for ourselves. As I have questioned myself this week on why I do what I do and searched for my answered, almost every single question has been answered. And my testimony has been strengthened. 
So that's my challenge to each of you. Ask a question, search, ponder and then pray. I have come to know that God truly does answer our prayers. 

This week is transfers week! And then there's only two more transfers. I hope I stay here. But I've also told Heavenly Father I will do whatever He wants me to do and I will do it without being fearful or grudgingly. I will do it with faith and trusting in Him that He knows better. 

I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I think one of the greatest moments of my life was the moment I finally realized who They are. 

Life is full of miracles! 

Have a great and miracle filled week!! 

Sister Carrillo 

"He who has a firm will molds the world to himself." -Goethe

Isaiah 40: 32
Me and Sister Pim. I tell her everyday she is a live action Pocahontas.
English students waiting for English to start. Love these girls!!
Got to switch off with this girl again! 
Shes going to Temple Square next month!!
District bowling!

This girl! It's so great when you are 
best friends with your companion! 
Group picture at the Khanakhams!  
Sister Khanakham was waiting outside the door for
 us like this as we were leaving. So funny!

President and Sister Johnson, our favorite people! 
They came yesterday for Stake Conference.
The Khanakhams had us over again for lunch
 and made us this delish mango dessert! 

One of the members brought these two girls to church 
one day and now we are teaching them. They are amazing!
Mary went to prom!
I thought this little Thai girl was so cute! 
I decided to be creepy and took a picture of her haha.
Picking up chairs for the party. They didn't quite
 fit in the golf cart but we made it work.

We were matching!
The sticker in the taxi guys car. Me and
 Sister Olsen have been laughing for days about this!

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