Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thailand/Lampang- week 19 I Moved!!

Hello FamBam! 
This last week was a super crazy one. It was transfers week and so I was going crazy waiting for the call to come on Monday to know if I was going to move or not. I really didn't want to, I love Korat! We got the call around 5 and me, Elder Bingham and Elder Baldwin all got the call to move. Sister Jo stayed! I kind of knew that was coming though, I was much too comfortable in Korat. I was sad though saying goodbye to everyone, I've gotten really close to the people there. I packed like crazy all day Tuesday and Wednesday and then Brother Ohm and Sister Namtan took us to the bus station. I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone though, including Brother Miit, and Sister First! i was so sad about that! I didn't get to say goodbye to any of our investigators. It was sooooo sad! I was pretty sad about saying goodbye to the elders too. Even though we all drive each other nuts, we were a pretty tight district. I was sad it was over. But anyways, we stayed with the Bang Khen sisters that night (Sister Mamea and Sister Mags). It was fun to be with Sister Mamea again! We went to the transfer meeting and I was dying over where I was going to go. I thought for sure I was going to Bangkok. I actually really want to serve there which is funny because I remember when I was coming into the country I would've died if I had to serve in Bangkok. But they went through all the Bangkok areas and I didn't get called and so I thought for sure I was going back to the Issan. They got through all those too and I still didn't get called. And then the Chiang Mai zone came up and I started freaking out because I've always wanted to go up to the north. Sister Remington got called to the Lampang area and I was crossing my fingers I'd go with her and then my name got called! I'm serving in the Chiang Mai Zone, about an hour and a half outside of Chiang Mai. And serving with the most awesome person ever! I've known Sis. Rem since I came into country and I've always wanted to serve with her. I was wayyyy excited! We have two elders too, Elder Parker and Elder Lindley who's a greenie. It's weird, I feel like I was just in his shoes! I love our district though, we have a lot of fun together. We got to Lampang at about 6 in the morning on Friday and then started working. I absolutely love it here! Lampang (Laam baang) is this cute town that's surrounded by mountains and forest. It's really green here and there's a river that runs right next to our house. I honestly feel like I'm camping here because we live on the outskirts of the town and it just smells like trees and campfire (I'm not sure why?). And our house feels like a camper. It's a little bigger but not much. But it's ok, it's cute! 
It's kind of hard here because we are all white washed in so no one is familiar with the area and the work is slow. We're determined to change that here! They have a lot of LA's so we're going to start working with them and work on retention here. I'm really excited! We have two investigators that the other sisters left us. Deer and Noy. We met with Noy on Saturday and he's a pretty funny guy. He says that he knows 100% that the Book of Mormon is true (he even testified of that to people at his own church) but he doesn't understand why he has to get baptized again if he's already been baptized. We focused on the priesthood a lot with him and told him to pray about the things we taught. He needs to open his heart! He's already Christian so it's hard because he already has a lot of background, but he has sooooo many questions. He will be an awesome member when he gets baptized (he's gonna get baptized someday!) he's very strong in his opinions about Christ and reading the Book of Mormon. I think they gave him a BoM last week and he's already half way through 2 Nephi (what??!). He's awesome though, I love teaching him! 
Church is pretty different here. They have church in a rented out building which was really different to me, but the same spirit is there. There's not a ton of members in this branch, there's maybe about 40 that actually come to church.  That's a big change from Korat! The members here are pretty crazy, but they love the missionaries and they're so friendly! They're amazing people here in Thailand. One thing that Elder Holland shared with the saints here last Sunday is that none of them are alone. There were a lot of people at that meeting and he told them that he wished they could go stand up with him and see what he saw because the church has grown here so much. It's amazing considering how it must have been about 20 years ago! I'm grateful to be able to help the church grow more in Thailand. I love the people here! 
Well this change has been easier for me than most. I've always had a hard time with change but each transfer seems to get easier and easier. It was really good for me to get out of my greenie area, because there I was just known as the greenie! I definitely feel more of the drive to be the best missionary I can be.  Sister Jo was a super good missionary and I feel like she instilled a lot of her crazy missionary ways in me. I was really lucky to be comps with her! 
So I got the package! Thank you so much for all the stuff, the shirts are great and so cute! I had to pay money for it though, sorry I didn't know you have to pay a fee if it goes through customs. Apparently there's a better way to send it so it won't go through customs. I'll try to find out more about it, but I'm not exactly sure! I've only been using the pills for a couple of days so I'm not sure if they're working. My hair is still falling out. I think I'm going to go and chop it off sometime. 
That's crazy the kids are starting school again. I feel like they just got out for summer! Next summer when they start school I'll only have a couple weeks left as a missionary.  That's crazy to think of! 
For my next package, could you send me some protein, I lack a lot of that here. Also brookside! and jerky and fruit leather and trailmix. Just that kind of stuff. I really miss food a lot! 
I never got your postcard but Lauren did! 
So the fruit from last weeks letter- it's a weird tasting fruit. It's kind of sweet and not really sour which is how I like my fruit. It's ok tasting. It's cooler looking than it tastes. 
The bombing - the missionaries in bangkok all had to stay in their  houses for a couple of days. I was surprised they had a transfer meeting. I know they don't know who it is. Elder Stoker was telling us that the army took over last year and a bunch of crazy stuff and Elder Bingham was saying that the government is kind of unstable here and very corrupt. I don't know, I hope nothing happens. I don't want to get pulled out! 
I love the pictures you've been sending! What the heck is Aubrie wearing though?? Oh and thanks for the quote, I miss pinterest quotes! 
Love you all so much, take care! And good luck on all your first days of school! :)
-Sister Carrillo
 Moroni 7: 13

This was on the door when we got to the house. 
 So funny!
 My new comp Sister Remington! 
We were squished in a taxi car together trying to get to the train station. 
 Sooo we decided to take a selfie!  
 Sister Duu.  She has always taken care of us.  
It was really hard for me to say goodbye to her!
Sister Blaa and Sister Ying, my first friends I made as a greenie in Korat.
 Time goes by too fast!
Saying goodbye to my Korat family!
 Me and Sister Bon!  
She's going to join us in November so I'll see her again for sure!  
Our District!
Leaving to go to Bangkok.  Goodbye Korat!
We stayed with Sister Mamea and Sister Mags in Bang Khen the day before transfers.
  I love it there!  We were on the roof of their apartment 
and you could see all the lights and buildings.  Amazing!
 On the train!  It was a sleeper train so it was awesome!  
It took about 10 hours to get up to Lampang
This Place Is Awesome!!
 The sign outside of the church.  
They don't have an actual church building, they just meet in a rented out building. 
 It works though!
The river across the street from our house!
Just some random pics of Lampang!
  Shopping in Bang Khen!  
And eating ice cream in a coconut!
Goodbye sister Jo!  I'm going to miss her alot!

An oldie from the MTC!  
Love all these girls!
Sister Anderson sent this to me today!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Thailand/Korat- week 18 I love every time a general authority walks into the room because I instantly know that they are a representative of Christ. You can just feel it.

Hello Fam Bam,
This last week was another busy one. I really enjoy busy weeks. They make me feel the most accomplished! We've gotten a couple of new investigators including Bom. He showed up one night at the church (I think he might have been drunk?) but you could totally see this guy just needed help. I felt so bad for him. And he knew he was missing something too. He told us he just felt horrible because he had so much sin. We taught him about repentance, how there was hope that he could be forgiven and changed. While we were teaching him, his countenance completely changed to me. Like I could see who he could become through the gospel. It's so cool. I have a lot of those experiences where I see them the way Heavenly Father sees them and the potential that they have. He said he felt so much better from just being around us though and had that hope that he'd be able to change his life. I seriously have the best calling ever. I get no greater joy than being able to help bring my brothers and sisters closer to the Savior. 
So yesterday at three we left for Bangkok and didn't get here until about 9. The traffic was really bad coming here since they're having a bike race for Mother's day (here it's on the 14th, the Queen's birthday). We are staying in a hotel called the T.U.B. Let's just say that this hotel lives up to it's name. It's funny how less picky I am. Before I probably would've looked at the room and said "heck no" and left. But I just wanted to sleep and see Elder Holland so I didn't care. This morning we got to the church at 7:30 and got all situated to get ready to take a picture with Elder Holland. We were singing Come Thou Fount when he walked in. I love every time a general authority walks into the room because I instantly know that they are a representative of Christ. You can just feel it. We took a picture with him and then he wanted to shake each of our hands and have us tell him our name and where we're from. Yeah, I shook Elder Holland's hand! Later he told us that he doesn't even listen to what we say but he that few seconds that we look into his eyes, he's interviewing us and looking into our souls pretty much. He said that there are a couple of us that are struggling but nothing serious. I thought that was way cool! He spoke to us about missionary work of course. But I loved his way of doing it. You can tell his mission meant so much to him. He kept on saying that over and over. How one day has not gone by in the last 52 years that he has not thought of his mission. His mission changed his life and had a huge affect on him. My favorite story he told was about his grandson who was going on a mission and he said his number one fear was that he would go back home the same person. That has definitely been one of my fears! That I'd go back home and I'd go back to the same old things and none of it will have really had an effect on me. But he talked about how we are the Lord's investigators. We know things about this gospel, how to pray, all the stories, all the basics. But the Lord needs us to keep progressing, keep learning more, keep searching. Before our missions, we could have been a good person but that person was just not good enough. It's like that one section in the D&C. That one soul that we bring to the Lord is us. This experience has been the hardest I've ever had in my life. I've never been so exhausted or to the point where I've just wanted to give up more than I have in the past six months of my life. It's been so hard. But I have one chance to be a missionary. I get 12 more months to squish everything that the Lord has set for to learn as a missionary. I obviously have felt strongly since I was a little kid that I was suppose to go and I know that there is a purpose in that. So I'm not going to let this all be in vain. I was just very grateful for everything that he shared with us. It was exactly everything that I needed to hear. I've struggled with being here but that was a wake up call for me. I need to be here and I was meant to be here. I really am grateful to be a missionary! I've never struggled so much but I've also never been so happy. I thought I knew my Savior before, I know Him so much better now. I've come to know Him so much more personally as I've struggled and prayed for His guidance. I have come to love it! I love Thailand and I love the people here! I'm so blessed to be a missionary and a representative of my Savior. I could go on and on forever but I'll just end it with I love missionary work. 
So after Elder Holland it was P-day! We went with the Elders to the Terminal Mall in Asoke and ate at this taco place. It was so good, I miss Mexican food so much! I had a Horchata (I think that's what it's called) for the first time. Everyone was making a big deal that I'm Mexican and I've never drank one. Has dad ever had one before? We also had apple pie, it was delish! We hung out at the mall for a little while and now we are here! We're going to the market tonight,  I'm so excited! I'm going to get some of your guys Christmas stuff from there. I bought the boys and dad ties. They're way cool, some  of the fabric is from Myanmar. I can't wait until you guys get it!  Tomorrow we get to hear from Elder Holland again though! SO excited!
That's so exciting about Sara and Richard! I want to come back with them when they come. How long will they be in Thailand? They will love it! The Thai people are the nicest I've ever met. They'll love Sara since she's so pretty. I'll teach them some Thai before they come. 
Love you guys all. I think about you guys a lot! I love little kids so much here because they remind me of Crue and Carsen. I miss those two! And Taeli and Aubrie of course too :) I almost cry whenever I think of you all. Not because I'm sad but because I just love you all so much! It's funny, you don't realize how much you love people until you can't be with them. That's how it will probably be for me when I leave Thailand too! 
Love you all! Have a good week! 
Alma 5: 7 - President Johnson quoted this scripture to us. Love it!
P.s. the fam pics are cute :) keep sending me pictures!

 All the missionaries with Elder Holland
 Singing for Elder Holland
Yeah!  I shook Elder Hollands hand!!

 We visited a members friends house who is investigating the church.  
Her house is about 2 hours outside Korat.  
It was so cute, exactly how I pictured Thailand
After we taught her we went out and picked some fruit in her little garden!
The orchard was so pretty!
 I have no idea what this fruit is,
 nor do I know how to say it in Thai
Look how sweaty I am from picking fruit! :)
All the fruit we picked!  Yum!!
Gotta get a selfie!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thailand/Korat- week 17 This week Elder Holland comes! I'm so excited! I'm going to meet an apostle of the Lord, who wouldn't be excited?!

Another crazy week! I really don't remember much of the week because we were just running around everywhere but.....Brother Teerawut and Brother Weet got baptized! So exctiting! They're both awesome! It's been a really long road with Brother Teerawut but he made it. We taught him on Wednesday and we talked about the Sabbath day and he said that he was only willing to give 80% to going to church on Sunday's. He goes and works with his friends on Sunday's and was worried he'd lose his friends if he left to go to church. We talked with him about it and then at the end just bore testimony of the Sabbath day. How it's a sacrifice to keep but we are blessed for it. He left kind of frustrated with us, probably thinking that we didn't understand. The next day when we met with him we decided not to bring it up and just bear our testimonies about this church before he went in for his baptismal interview. He was a lot happier that day, and he passed his interview! He came out afterwards and thanked us for teaching him and he was grateful o know of Christ and be able to follow him. 
Brother Weet's testimony he bore right after his baptism was really touching. He said that he had been searching for the truth since he was a kid. And then he had happened to meet the missionaries and when we brought up the word of wisdom it was really hard for him and he didn't know if he could do it. But we had invited him to fast about it and it took forever for him to fast but when he finally did, he was able to stop smoking. And it was then that he knew that the church was true! It was cool because we didn't know that part of the story!
 We've been teaching a lot and visiting members houses. We visited Sister Nada on Wednesday and she fed us my favorite things: chicken, somtam and BROWNIES. I was in Heaven. It's what the members always make, they know me so well. I really love visiting people's houses, even though they all live so far away. I feel like you get to know them a lot better when you visit their homes. We went to Brother Miit's house on Tuesday and Sister First and her friend Loogi showed up so we got to teach them. They're so cute! We gave them a Book of Mormon and had them read a couple of verses before met again. When we met on Saturday, they'd read everything we'd assigned and read more. Sister Jo said out of all the kids that she's taught, these two are the most solid. They really pay attention when we teach and give really good answers. Sister First is so cute. She said she prayed one day for it to rain and then it started raining. And then the next time she said she'd lost her picture of the temple and prayed to be able to find it. I really love teaching them! We gave them a baptismal date but because they don't have a guardian that is a member, they have to wait three months to get baptized and come to church on Sunday's. I probably won't be here :/ but I have no doubt that they'll get baptized. I can see that they both have faith and have a desire to be baptized. I'm excited for them!
This week Elder Holland comes! We are staying at a hotel down in Bangkok and all the missionaries get to meet him on Saturday morning. I'm so excited! I'm going to meet an apostle of the Lord, who wouldn't be excited?! And then after our meeting with him, it will be our P-day so hopefully I'll be able to find a computer on Saturday to be able to write to you guys! Everyone is going to the huge market in Bangkok that is only open on Saturday's. It's the biggest market in Thailand, way excited! Sunday is a going to be a big meeting with all the members and missionaries and Elder Holland is going to come and speak to us at a university. It will be a great weekend! Then the next week is transfers. So crazy how fast this transfer went. I have a feeling I'm leaving Korat because I want to stay so bad. But I guess I'm ready for another adventure somewhere else in Thailand. I'm way to comfortable here, and I've learned that when I'm comfortable, Heavenly Father throws something my way to make my life more interesting. He's just looking out for me :) 
One of my favorite parts probably about being a missionary is personal study! One hour is just not enough for me to study. I could spend all day studying really. But it's a really good time for me to receive revelation for my investigators, what their needs are, and scriptures that I could share that could help them. It's also a time that I can receive answers for myself! I've always believed that this church was true but there were things that were very wishy-washy, that I was always unsure about or didn't completely understand. So many of those things have been clarified and answered during my time being a missionary. I study things for my investigators but I as well learn something new for myself. My understanding of faith and the atonement has grown so much. I never really understood the atonement and how it worked but studying it so much and helping others to understand it has helped me to understand it so much more and gain a testimony of it for myself. It's cool to think that everything that once was so difficult for me has now become something that really isn't that difficult for me. That has been through the atonement! Or the fact that I can repent sincerely of something that I know I've done wrong and I can be forgiven. And not only forgiven but the atonement can help me to change. The atonement is infinite, for everyone and if we apply it in our lives we can change! Everything is possible through the atonement. And I know that because I have watched it change my own life. 
The reunion sounds really fun! I'm sad I wasn't there :/  Tomorrow marks six months since I left home. That is also weird to me. 
Ew, my birthday, I'm going to be so old. For my birthday, really what I really like in packages is food. Like jerky, mint candy (sister Jo had these see's peppermint candies that were way good!). Mainly because a lot of the American treats here are so expensive! Like Brookeside and granola bars. They don't eat granola bars here. But I might be needing some more crocs soon. These ones are still in great condition but I don't want them to fall apart one day and I have no shoes. Just the green crocs that give me the funniest tan line ever. but they're really good and airy! Let me know if you need a pic of them! 
I can tell you now that I definitely won't be engaged by the next reunion nor will I be married. I still don't have a desire to get married super fast after I get back. Maybe like two years after I get back but that still seems too fast to me. I still haven't changed in that way Mom :) 
Love you all! Have a great week! 
-Sister Carrillo 
2 Nephi 25: 23 
Also theres a talk I read that I really like by Pres. Uchtdorf. It's called The Hope of God's Light. It's really good! 
Fun story: We were riding our bike back from Brother Miit's and this thing ran out from the bushes and right as that happened a motorcycle came flew by and the thing got flung back into the middle of the road. It was a huge rat! It was disturbing but quite awesome. We road past there the next day and it was completely flattened to the ground from getting ran over so much. There are dead, flattened rats everywhere on the streets. It's gross!


Brother Teerawut and Weet's baptism!

Some Cute Candids!!


Our Elders showed up to district meeting like this. 
        They're something special. :)

   On our way to a members house.
  It's so green once you get out of the city!

   Sister First and Sister Loogi playing the piano at church.
   Brother Mitt is teaching them how to play!
                                                                     So Cool!! :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Thailand/Korat- week 16 This week we were teaching about the Book of Mormon a lot so I studied about it a lot in personal study. It really made me think about my own testimony of the Book of Mormon and how much of a blessing it has been for me.

It's officially rainy season here in Thailand! It's been raining every single day since last Wednesday. That was my first witness of a Thailand rain storm. It was insane! We were in the car on the way to an investigators house and you could see the big black clouds from the distance. It was literally just a wall of rain coming towards us. And of course I just love watching the khon Thais freak out about it. It finally hit us and we could barely see out of the car window. I was grateful I wasn't out it in. The elders were stuck at the park! The rain here is just so crazy. You go out in it and you're instantly soaked. The roads get flooded and it's like biking through a river, and it's fast moving! The elders neighborhood got flooded. Everything pretty much gets flooded and then everything comes up, all the trash and bugs, it's really gross. I've gotten so many mosquito bites on my legs! And you can't scratch them or else they turn into scars, but they're super itchy! It's way fun. 
It was such a miracle week. This week, we got 10 new investigators! We've had so many members (especially Bro. Miit and Sis. Jenny sharing the gospel with their friends and then we get referrals from them. Referrals are my favorite because then the members get the chance to be missionaries and then the new investigator has a friend at church and that support from someone they know. Brother Miit has been talking with his neighbors and so we finally set up appointments to go and meet them at their houses. It went really well! It's just a matter of getting them to come to church. This week has been one of the busiest weeks but it's been one of the funnest! We've been running around visiting members/investigators houses (they want us to get into members houses more and teach investigators at their houses as well) and we've been teaching a lot this week. It's been really good for me, I've learned a lot of new words this last week! Plus we've been visiting RC/LA's like Pinky. I just absolutely love Pinky! I talked about her last week, she's the one who can speak English and she got baptized not even a year ago. She's going through a lot, and she likes to be around me and Sister Jo a lot. I really want to help her! We're trying to get her to stop drinking coffee and start praying again and she says that she will but her heart really isn't in it. I think what will help her the most will be to get her to come to church which has been difficult to do these last couple of weeks. We're going to get her back though! 
Brother Teerawut (the old man me and sister Mamea taught, I've been teaching him for about three months now!) and Brother Wiit are getting baptized this coming week! We were a little worried about Brother Teerawut because we felt like he wasn't really having that conversion and was there just to be there (and he likes learning a lot) but I've been amazed in the change that I've seen in the past week. He finally stopped writing out his prayers and then rehearsing them and now just prays. It's been amazing to see how much he's grown! Wiit has been a lot of fun to teach, he's a soldier and is really busy all the time so we've been teaching him over the phone a lot. He has really good questions about Christ and really loves learning about Him. We taught him the Word of Wisdom a couple of weeks ago and he is a smoker, I think he smokes like 20 cigarettes a day! But he got down to 5 last week and now he doesn't smoke anymore. It's just amazing to see how Christ really does change people. I love being a missionary! 
So, I just have to mention Sister First. She's Brother Mitt's daughters friends and I have only known her for like three days but I just absolutely adore her. The STL's came on Friday to do a switch off and me and Sister Brown were going to teach Brother Miit at his house. Sister Bon was suppose to come with us and show us the way but couldn't so we went there by ourselves. When we got there, I realized the other reason we needed Sister Bon was because we need a girl to be with us if we're teaching a boy. We told Brother Miit that so he went around his neighborhood asking everyone if they would come learn with us. Finally he came back with Sister First. She's 9 years old and I instantly just loved her. I think I like her so much because she reminds me of Aubrie when she was younger. Her mom lives in Bangkok and she's just living in a nursery right now.  So I decided I'd be her older sister! Anyways, we taught the Restoration and then went and visited some of the families that Brother Miit said were interested. Sister First came with us as well! She came to church on Sunday and we're going to start teaching her. I'm just so sad because now I feel like I'm running out of time here in Korat. Transfers are coming up again in the next two weeks and I want to teach all these people and be here for them. And I could possibly be moving! I hope I get another transfer here. I love Korat, and the members have just become like family to me. It will be hard for me to leave, but if that's what the Lord asks of me then I'll do it. I'm just praying that He'll send good missionaries here who will take care of them for me. Which I have no doubt He will. We have awesome missionaries here in the Thailand Bangkok Mission! 
This week we were teaching about the Book of Mormon a lot so I studied about it a lot in personal study. It really made me think about my own testimony of the Book of Mormon and how much of a blessing it has been for me. It is promised that anyone who reads it will be brought closer to Christ. I have seen that so much in my own life. I remember the first time I read it. I read it because I had to for Young Women's but I remember that I really didn't want to! But as I read it, I felt the spirit so strongly. I was happier while reading it and I remember not wanting to put it down because I didn't want that feeling to ever leave me. I already knew it was true. I don't think it could make me feel the way I did if it wasn't true. I've had so many experiences though since then where the Book of Mormon has answered so many of my prayers. The Book of Mormon truly was written for our day! If you think about it, the Lamanites and Nephites, none of them, got to even read it but it was saved for us. Just like they were waiting for the coming of Christ, we are now in this day waiting for His second coming. It has examples of missionary work, standing tall when persecution arises, and so many other things that we are facing today. It has been such a blessing to my life and millions of others. I know that if we read it everyday, even if it is just one verse, we will truly be blessed and we'll see such a big change in our lives. It's a shield for us against the temptations and dangerous things in the world. The Book of Mormon is true and because it's true, Joseph Smith was a prophet and this gospel is true. I know that this gospel is true! Alma 31: 5
This week is another busy week, we've already got a lot of appointments. I'm excited for this week! My reading has gotten a lot better. Mainly because Sister Jo makes me read everyday. I hate reading in Thai but she makes me do it anyways. And it's helped a lot! I'm really grateful for her, she's taught me a lot about being a good missionary. I'm grateful that I've been able to be comps with her at the beginning of my mission. She's setting me up for the rest of my mission! 
That's ok that you couldn't send those things! Sis. Jo says it takes about three weeks so they should be here on time for when I go to Bangkok.
I'd love to add something in to your FHE! There are so many things that we could do to hold on to the rod! It takes faith and keeping commandments and doing the little things like reading the Book of Mormon and praying. Doing the little things that make a really big difference. I love the idea of faith and hope because I feel like those are the things that keep us going when things are really hard. They drive us to put one foot in front of the other on our road through mortality to eternal life with Heavenly Father. If we have faith in Christ, we'll want to follow those commandments, we'll want to hang on. Because we might not understand why we can't watch this, or why we shouldn't listen to that, or why we can't do this. But we'll know that Heavenly Father loves us and knows what is best for us. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and He will only lead down the path that will make us happiest, the path that will bring us back to Him. It might not be an easy road, it may be the hardest that we've ever traveled down. And sometimes we'll think that we can't do it anymore, that it's too much and that God has left us because of our trial. I felt like that so many times being a teenager, where I was teased because I chose not to do things and it was apparently holding me back. But really it freed me. My life would be so different if I hadn't made the choices I did. I might not be experiencing a mission which is one of the hardest things that I've ever done. There are so many times I've cried myself to sleep not understanding why I felt so strongly that I needed to be here when I'm just stressed and homesick. There are so many times where I have just told God that I can't do this anymore. It's too hard for me and I'm not cut out to do this type of stuff, I'm not strong enough. I've wanted to turn back so many times and I've almost let go. But it's been my love for my Heavenly Father and my Savior that has kept me going. It's been my faith and hope that's kept me from giving up on myself. My soccer coach always told us that we finish a race, even if we have to crawl to the end. I want to finish this life knowing I did everything that I could to hold on, and not just hold on, but keep my face pointed towards zion, not looking back and wishing for Babylon. My greatest reward will be when I meet my Father in Heaven again and He will say "Well done, thou great and faithful servant." That's what this life is all about, is getting back to Him. And in the process we get the opportunity to learn and to grow in this life. I'm grateful for the gospel that has shown me the way and made me who I am today. I don't think I'd ever know what I was capable if it weren't for the gospel. So I just want to say, that when the road gets tough, and you feel like giving up or giving in, don't. Keep going, keep putting one foot in front of the other and never let go of the rod. Let your faith keep you going. I love all of you and I'm so grateful to be apart of this family. You've all had such a big influence in my life! I miss you all! As the Thai people say, suu suu! (keep fighting). 
-Sister Carrillo 
2 Kings 6: 15-17 Love this scripture, it just shows that we really are never alone
I of course had to take some selfies!

It was quite difficult while biking,

but I managed! :)
We were on way to LA's house and we went 
a little to far.  Took us out to the outskirts of Korat, so pretty!

One of the houses we visited had the cutest puppies ever!!
They were so tiny, like little teddy bears!
This is Sister Uan, one of the investigators holding one 
of the cutest creatures I have ever seen.  I told her I was 
coming back for sure!
They were having this Pokeman thing at the mall
and had a giant Picachu.
Had to take a picture!