Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, May 16, 2016

Thailand/Chaengwattana week 57

Dear Family, 

It was a crazy week, lots of switch offs and riding up and down Chaengwattana road. I swear, I just live my life on this road. That is literally just our area. The traffic makes it seem really big though! 
This week was a little hard with investigators. But we also had a lot of blessings. We ride in taxis a lot so we have the opportunity to sit and talk and invite the drivers. They think it's hilarious. Sometimes they're creepers (like last week one grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go and Sister Olsen sat there karate chopping him until he let go). But some are really nice! I've been trying really hard on taxi drivers because Sister Beckstrand made a goal to baptize a taxi driver. So I've been on a mission to help her achieve this goal. This guy, Nat, said he was going to go to church on Sunday. And because they all say that and never show up, I didn't really believe him. I should've had more faith in the Lord though because I showed up to church on Sunday and he was already there! And then after church everyone was asking me where I'd met him and telling me how awesome he was. I was so happy, we were going to hand him over to the other sisters and then he told us he was from Rangsit. Sad. It's ok. It was such a miracle. Taxi drivers will accept the gospel too!! 

Another amazing miracle: We went and visited Sister Ooy at her house on Friday and as we were leaving we met this Cambodian family! I started talking to the daughter in Thai and she kept giving me weird looks like she couldn't understand what I was saying. All I could think was I know I'm not that good at Thai but I'm not that bad! Haha. We soon after that met her mom who could speak Thai a little bit more and told me her family had just come over from Cambodia. She said she was interested in learning with us and we made an appointment to go back the next day and teach her and her family. And that was so cool. There was so many people. Some of their Thai neighbors came out as well and listened while we sat out on the side of the road with them and taught them how to pray. Not sure how much they understood, but the spirit was there. Glad that we don't have to rely upon ourselves, but we have the spirit to help teach. 

This week was a goodie, I can't wait for this next week! I'm so grateful for the gospel. I have seen how much it really is just a light, that hope that we have in our lives. It's been so humbling to teach people that have come from such a hard background. That live in a world where they are literally in hiding and refugees. Teaching Brother Michael and the Obeid (Pakistani family) has been one of the most life changing experiences for me. Here these people are that were completely disowned and threatened to be killed all because of their belief in Christ. And they wouldn't give it up, nor would they deny it. And now here they are in Thailand where their situation is not much better. Their life is so hard and there is absolutely no evidence that it will get better. I love these people. It's hard watching people that you love suffer and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change their situation. The only thing that I know how to do is share the gospel with them. And I know that is what will save them. It has saved Michael. He has said over and over again how Christ, coming to church, reading in the Book of Mormon and prayer has saved him. This week we were able to talk to Sharman and her family. She explained that she has always just felt stressed, so many burdens that she has carried and still carries today. But since reading from the Book of Mormon, she doesn't feel stressed anymore. She only feels peace. I know that Christ can do that for any of us. No matter the pains, hardships and storms we face in this life there is nothing that Christ has not already overcome for us. He has the power to calm our storms. I know that's true! How grateful I am, as always, to help the people here in Thailand have that light and that hope. It is the greatest gift we can give to those around us. 

Love you guys! Have a great week! Don't forget to read in your scriptures everyday :) 

ซิสเตอร์ ริโย

Mosiah 7: 18-19

God is always with us. Never forget that.
We love these girls! We got to switch off with them 
again this week. So much fun! We love switch offs!
Going to Sister Ooy's!
Went on a switch off with Sister Williamson, 
we had so much fun together!

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