Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, June 6, 2016

Thailand/Asoke week 60.... Transfer 11.... HERE WE GO!!

Hey Fambam!
This week was crazy and busy. Pretty much knew I was going to move and I did. I was sad to leave Chaengwattana. And I was once again, the only one in my district leaving! But it's fine, I literally moved down the street to Asoke aka THE HEART OF BANGKOK aka THE HOTTEST PLACE EVER. It's really hot here. 
That means that a storm is coming

It's a very busy and businessy area with malls and skyscrapers everywhere. We have to go through the mall to get to our apartment. I feel like I'm in New York or something sometimes. We take taxis (my favorite), MRTs (underground train) and BTSs (above ground train) everywhere. I enjoy the trains a lot, there's lots of people to talk to. I'm in another International Ward, I feel so lucky. Best thing of all though is that I'm companions with another one of my sisters from my MTC group! 
My new companion, Sister Mags! 

Sister Magbanua (Mags) from New Zealand. We're serving where the mission home is so I get to see all the senior couples and President and Sister Johnson lots. The members here are so nice. I still get asked why my last name is so funny and why I don't look like most other white people. I guess I'll never fit in lol. I'm proud to tell them every time that I'm half Mexican! 
Can I just say how grateful I am for the Restoration? I understand why it's the first lesson now, it's because it doesn't matter how much knowledge you have of Jesus Christ or the gospel. In the end of the lesson, the invitation is to pray and ask God and the promise is that you will know for yourself if it's true. You will know for yourself!! What a wonderful thing to be able to know truth for yourself. And not from man or from your natural self but from God, who is our creator and the creator of everything. Who knows all truth and comprehends all things. Had a fun experience last week at our usual lunch place in Central. Me and Sister Olsen stopped and talked to this man from Belgium. Let's just say that he does not believe in God. He's read all the books and knows now that there is nothing and that we are nothing. I asked him if he'd read the Book of Mormon before. No, of course not, yet he knows it's not true. "How do you know it's not true if you've never even read it before?" 
"You only know it's true because you've all been brainwashed since you were kids to believe in this stuff." 
I have been told that sooo many times, more than I can count. 
"No, I know it's true. I know that God lives and that He is our Father in Heaven. And because we are His children, He will reveal truth to us if we ask sincerely." 
I've thought a lot about that moment this week and how grateful I am that I was taught since I was a little girl that God lives, but more than that I was taught how to pray so I could know that He was there. I don't know when that moment happened where I starting believing in God. I think I've always known that He's been there. And ever since I finally learned to open my eyes, I see Him in everything. I know that God lives. I know that the Book of Mormon is His word. And I know that this church is His. He is the one leading it. I have no doubt in my heart whatsoever about it. 
I'm ready for this transfer!! New area, new people, new start! I can already feel God's guiding hand on the things that I need to do here. 
God is real, He is with us. 
Sorry, don't have tons of time to write but I'll make sure I get more stories for next time! 
Love you all, have a great week! 

Sister Carrillo
Sister Carrillz and Granny Olsen!
District dinner at Que Paso's!
Brother Michael, one of my most favorite 
people in the world! I'm going to miss him!
FHE at Helen'sslight selfie fail.
Goodbye แม่ ออ๋ย :(
Saying goodbye to the Hansen's
Saying goodbye to the Lewis's
Saying goodbye to my Cambodian sisters. 
Oh the torture!!
Getting some new shoes since my old 
ones are now holy shoes :)

We got matching shoes!!

Sister Parker is training!! 
Sister Suri, I'm way taller than her! Haha!
 This is my little proud of her haha!! 
   She's training now!! I'm a grandma!

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