Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, June 20, 2016

Thailand/Asoke..... Week 62

Hey Family! 
Well it was a fun, rainy, miracle filled week! First off, I want to start this letter off by saying HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my amazing, Boise-state and Pepsi loving, hardworking, and devoted daddio. Life would not have been the same without his endless teasing, love and chocolate covered almonds that he always hid from me in his closet. Yesterday I about died when a member had a container from America with those things in it. It was พอดีเลย since it was Fathers Day and chocolate covered almonds always reminded me of him. Don't worry Dad, I ate some for you :) 
This week, there's a lot of things that I want to tell. So I'll start with the first miracles. 
I remember one of my wise old companions telling me that it takes 10 seconds of our time, bravery, you (YOURSELF) to change someones else's world. I remembered those words as Sister Panasuto related a story to me when I saw her last week. She reminded me of the time we were on our way to play Songkran on the BTS on our Pday. I started talking to this cute little old lady with her grandson who were from Thonburi. I remember that she was super excited that I could speak Thai and I told her we were missionaries and we taught about Christ. And there happened to be a church in Thonburi! By this time Sister Panasuto had come over and tried explaining where the church was over there (cause I had no idea!), we got her number, and that was the end of it. A week later, Sister Panasuto moved to Thonburi. Fast forward two months, Sister Panasuto asked me if I remember that little old lady that I had talked to on the BTS. No? But when she started telling me more about her I remembered. Then Sister Panasuto started crying and told me that she had taught that little old lady. And she was now baptized and her family now has dates to be baptized. Me and Sister Panasuto just stood there and cried together. What a miracle! That was such a testimony booster to me. 
Next I think that I've mentioned how much I love to invite taxi drivers. I really love it! I invited one last week and he gave me the taxi ride for free because he likes people that go about doing good. Got his number, I will pay him back by teaching him the gospel!! Really though, I love taxi drivers. 
The little old lady that we taught to pray (from the pictures), her little family (son, his wife and kids) walked in while we were talking with her. We invited them to English and asked if they would come on Sunday. They said they would. And guess what, they did! That was a miracle since a lot of our investigators didn't show up. Little tender mercies of the Lord to help is know that He's still there. Their kids loved church and said they wanted to come back. We're going to go and teach them on Saturday! Praying for that family that they will be open to the gospel. 
Last Monday I had people apologizing to me when I told them I was from the US. Why? Because of the gun problem that is apparently going on there. I was super disturbed by it. It's so sad to me what God's children will do to one another. Satan is so real, there are scary things that go on in the world and I'm not sure if I ever go back into that world again. It's nice being a missionary and not knowing about that stuff. But God is always teaching me, showing me the light. Tuesday, we went to the Mercy Centre. It's a cute little orphanage/school with the most sweetest children ever. Standing in the middle of the crowd of them and their sweet little spirits helped me to feel God's light again. There are such good people in the world. People that want to help, that go out and do something. People that freely give their love and service. I was amazed to learn of the story of Father Jo who started this organization. Before this area had been called the slaughter house, where the poor lived and the children had no chance to have an education or rise above their circumstances. So Father Jo went and lived among them and created this school for the children. He's done everything for these kids out of love and it has changed the lives of so many. I teared up when I heard this story, almost like Heavenly Father was telling me that there is bad but there is also so much good. I want to be the good in the world. There are just people that are out there that make life beautiful for themselves and all those around them. I want to be one of those people. Gandhi knew what he was talking about when he said it, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." That quote is my life motto. 

 I loved every second of it, such special little children!

Nap time! Have no idea how these kids sleep 
when we were all so noisy haha!

Would you like to know something that I hear on a daily basis? "Every religion teaches you how to be a good person." I CRINGE every time I hear it. Everyone says it and I've made it a competition for myself to beat them to saying it. Because it's true. But that's not all that Christ's restored gospel teaches us. While it's teachings are good and help us to be good people, I think that God, our Father, wants more than that for His children. He wants us to be perfect like Him. And we can do that only in and through the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. Life is so much more than just being a good person and receiving good things. I'm trying to help them all understand that. We are children of our Heavenly Father. He has a plan for us. And GOOD is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH as children of a King. 
Another thing that always happens, "Did you pray last night Sister/Brother......?" "No, I didn't have time." Cringe again. Please don't ever say that you are too busy to pray, read in your scriptures, go to church. How can we be too busy for God? The very being that gave us breath? Let me just say that if you are too busy to be doing those things you are living the life that God had intended for you WRONG. God can be in every aspect of our lives. That's what makes our lives so beautiful and worth living. My life without God would just not be the same. 
Well, life is great here in the heart of Bangkok. I love my mission. I also really love Pakistani food. And talking to random people on the street. There's just no fear when you're a missionary. And when there is, you get over it. I just never want this to end. But I know that my life as a full-time missionary will someday come to an end. But my life as a disciple of Christ never will. You can betch' your bottom dollar on it! 
Love you guys!! Have an amazing week!! 

ซิสเตอร์ ริโย

"Why am I here? I am here because God has spoken and raised up a prophet, through whom He has restored the fullness of the everlasting gospel with all it's gifts, powers, and ordinances and blessings; with a proclamation to all peoples, "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand." In the providence of God, I have been called as an ambassador to bear this message to the nations of the earth, which I realize devolves on me as great responsibility which I cannot discharge with out the aid of the Almighty." -Lorenzo Snow 
Sister Nuey and Meena, the elders investigator, both got baptized! :)
Elder and Sister Khanakham came and visited us here in Asoke!
 It was good seeing them again, two of my favorite people in the world.
Oh Bangkok and it's never-ending traffic!

Met this cute little grammy. She was showing up pictures
 of her when she was younger. She told us to take as many 
pictures as we can while we are young. 
I think I'm doing pretty good at it. We tried teaching her how to pray. 
When we were done, she just looked at Sister Mags 
and told her she had beautiful eyes. I love teaching grandmas hahaha!

We were out shopping for Pday last week, I turn around 
and this is what I see. Haha. And then I was like "smile!" and took a picture.
I liked this cup :)
I like to buy socks here
One of the elders put this on Elder and Sister Grange's board. 
We laughed forever about it! I don't think they thought it was as funny as we did.....:)
Sister Oy, she's getting baptized this week! 
She also loves the Book of Mormon :)
I am in love with the sunsets here.
We went to the top floor of the senior couples apartment building. 
Pictures just don't put Bangkok to justice! 
Visiting one of the members families! They were the coolest people ever.
 We're going to go back and teach them.

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