Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thailand/Lampang week 33 Love truly does have so much power. Even though I'm not a perfect teacher, or exactly perfect at Thai, that's not the important part. When you love truly love God's children, they can feel it.

Hey Fam! 
Well it was Lantern Festival week! It was two nights in a row, Wednesday and Thursday. There was of course so many people so we went inviting. I'm always so amazed of how much I've gotten over my fear of talking to people. I have to talk to people all day so shyness is not really a thing for a missionary. It's a trait that I've developed on my mission that I'm really grateful for! So we did that Wednesday and Thursday down by the river where people were lighting lanterns and watching fireworks. People really weren't listening. Of course because the thing they were doing was for a Buddhist celebration, they go there to do Buddhist stuff! We felt like it was kind of pointless at one point but decided to not give up. Even if no one is listening, we do it for Heavenly Father to show Him that we love Him and that we're willing to work! 
The Lantern Festival
You put these things in the river but before you say 
something that you're sorry about and this is kind 
of their way for repenting for the year.

This is me and Sister Parker putting it in the river. 
Too bad it died as soon as we put it in the water.
 It was obviously our first time!
Sister C-Game took us out to go invite.
 There was so many people, it was a missionary's Heaven!

Clock Tower Intersection, where the party was at!
The elders and Brother Santi came and joined 
up with us in inviting. It was a party!

Thursday, that was a fun day! I was actually really sad that day. Not because it was Thanksgiving and I wanted to be home but because I felt like no one was listening and no one had time to meet with us that day. It was so frustrating for me because I felt like we een working so hard but nothing was coming from it. We invited right before we went and ate pizza at Long Jim's with the elders, and I was almost in tears but trying to keep strong for my comp. I was frustrated and Heavenly Father definitely knew I was frustrated. But then I told Heavenly Father that I don't understand but that's ok and I'd take anything that was inflicted upon us with patience. I felt better after that. It was almost a calming feeling of Heavenly Father telling me that I didn't need to worry and that I wasn't alone. I know I'm not alone! Our Thanksgiving pizza was delish! We each just got a pizza to ourselves, it was Thanksgiving so I thought what the heck! Eat a whole pizza! After that we met up with some more members and went inviting! And then at 7:30, we lit some lanterns. I felt like I was in Tangled :) It turned out to be a great Thanksgiving day. I have so much to be grateful for.  
 Thanksgiving Dinner

Well, we had some miracles happen this last weekend! We met with one of our old investigators, Sister Pen and she said she still wants to get baptized. So her along with our investigator, Brother Big took a date for the 13th to get baptized! And then another amazing thing happened yesterday. None of our investigators were able to go to church. I prayed so hard that someone would just walk in on their own to church. And what do you know! Two miracles came! Two sisters walked in and went and sat in the front. They sat there all through sacrament and afterwards I went and talked to them. They said that they had just seen the church before and had always wanted to go to church. So they came that day! Their names are Nat (19) and Nang (14), and they are so golden. The branch president went and talked to them afterwards too and they asked him how they could become members. He called me over and asked me the same question. I turned to them and said, "you get baptized!" We got to teach them afterwards and they said they wanted to pray about getting baptized first and they would let us know by Tuesday what their answer was. I think they really just loved the spirit they felt at the church and how welcome everyone made them feel. Everyone just went right up to them and talked to them and made them feel apart of the branch. I thought it was so special. They didn't want to leave, they hung out at the church for the rest of the day. I was happy that they were happy! I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for leading them to the church and that we had the opportunity to teach them. He heard our prayers! I'm so glad that I was patient. Everything really does turn out for our good in the end. 

This last week was amazing! I learned so many lessons and one of the biggest ones I've learned about throughout my mission that charity truly never fails. I never really understood charity, always thought it had to do just with service. But I've realized it's so much more. It's the Christ-like love you share towards others. It's when we think of other's needs above our own. It's when we decide to turn "outward when the natural man would turn inward". I'm going to sound like a cheesy Disney movie, but love truly does have so much power. Even though I'm not a perfect teacher, or exactly perfect at Thai, that's not the important part. When you love truly love God's children, they can feel it. I always thought that when someone fought with me that I needed to fight back. But I've come to realize that is not what I should do. That's not what my Savior would do. No matter what others do or say to us, the power does not come from our anger or showing that we are greater. Charity and our love has greater power, to change others hearts as well as our own. I'm so grateful for this realization. I love these people here. I actually just love people in general. I've never been a "people person" but I now know that people are good. They have families, they have worries, things they love, things they're afraid of. They're a person just like me. They're one of God's children. I love my Heavenly Father and I love my brothers and sisters! And I'm grateful that I get to share the most important message in the world with my brothers and sisters in Thailand! 
Heavenly Father loves us. That is something that I hope none of us forget. That has given me the power to keep going when I've wanted to quit. His love is our strength. 
Love you all so much! Hope you all have a great week! :)

ซ. คาร์ริโย

Alma 5: 26
Moroni 7: 45, 47
Sister C-Game, my bud!
Sister Noy taking us to one of our investigators house.
Teaching Sister Wadsana and her husband at their house!
I found mint chocolate chip ice cream at Swenson's!
 (they have it out for Christmas) I about died, bought
 some right then and there. It was so good!
Visited an LA yesterday at her house with the elders. 
She was so nice!

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