Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, November 16, 2015

Lampang/Thailand week 31

Hey Fam! 
Soooo, I'm still in Lampang! I was so glad I got to stay, and it meant that I didn't have to pack. I hate packing. So while Sister Rem packed all her stuff, I just cleaned the house and got distracted by little things so it took me a while. Kinda like how it was at home haha! Everyone was way sad that Sister Rem and Elder Parker were leaving. When we were leaving for the train station you would've thought they were celebrities with everyone swarming around them and taking their picture. That happens a lot to us in Thailand haha! 

At the train station heading to transfers
So as we were getting on the train we got a phone call and what do you know! President Johnson was calling. I handed the phone to Sister Rem telling her it was for her and she's training only for her to hand it back to me and tell me pres. wanted to talk to me. Yeah, I freaked out. He did a little small talk and then asked me to train one of the new sisters coming in. All I could say was, "you want me to train? are you sure?" But of course I accepted. I remember you guys always saying you never turn down a calling so I accepted! I kinda thought I was going to train a khon Thai but nope I'm training a white girl :) Her name is Sister Parker (everyone thinks she's Elder Parker's little sister haha) and she's from Alpine, UT. She's way cute, fresh out of the MTC and so ready to work! She's got pretty cool hair too, everyone at church was saying that she looked like a barbie doll. Haha so funny! 

 So now I'm the older one in the companionship and it's SO WEIRD! It's good for me though, I don't have anyone to be dependent on so now I really have to pay attention when people talk, lead the lessons and make sure things get done. This is going to be a growing experience for me! But she's great! It's fun looking at her reactions to things that I've gotten so used to now. I remember when I came into country and everything just seemed so weird and things are just different. Everything is normal now. Anyways, I feel like she knows a lot more Thai than I did when I came into country. I know exactly how she feels, with inviting, not understanding, not being able to say what you want. I understand! That's the great part though so now I can help her. She's a great missionary though, I'm so excited I get to train her! 
So for our investigators, still working with Bro. Joe and Bro. Santi's kids and with Sister Neey (she said she wants to get baptized but she wants to wait a while until she tells her family since they're Buddhist). They're just all busy a lot. Everyone is all so busy, which I understand. It's a new transfer though and we're expecting to see some miracles! 
So some fun things that have happened lately: 
*I started wearing arm sleeves. It's not because I'm don't want to get tan which is what everyone thinks here (because that really is the purpose of them) but because I'm afraid of getting cancer. 
*We taught with Sister Miaw and Sister C-Game yesterday. They were so amazing! I loved hearing Sister Miaw bear her testimony. You just always get so proud when you see your RC's teaching your investigators! It was a great lesson though, we'll be teaching with them again soon. 
Sister C-Game and Sister Miaw, love that these two are best friends!

*I ate REAL Thai food with Sister Parker on Saturday just so she could eat it. She likes it. I still don't like it. Seven months in country and I still can't eat it. I liked the food at church on Sunday though so that was good! 

*We keep getting asked if the picture of Jesus on the inviting cards is Christian Bale. (He actually kinda does look like Christian Bale). 

So I feel like each week or each transfer or so, my life has a theme. Something that I just keep catching in my personal study or a concern that comes up with investigators or just things that I'm learning to overcome. Something like that. The past couple of weeks, I've learned so much of how the Lord really does strengthen us. Sometimes we feel incapable of doing things and just feel like one little person. It's true, we do have weaknesses and fears. And Heavenly Father loves us so much that He puts us in situations that stretch us and teach us. We become capable of doing things that we never thought we were possible of doing. And with that knowledge, I have the courage to never quit just because I feel like I can't do it. Because I know I can. Christ gives us the power to overcome everything. God didn't send us here intending us to fail. We were sent to succeed and obtain our eternal prize. I'm so grateful for my Savior, who has strengthened me, who has been patient with me and has helped me to overcome myself. 
Can I just say how much I love being a missionary? I love these people, I love this country and I love being a servant of my Master. I love my calling! 
That's pretty much it for the week! Love you all! 
-ซ. คาร์ริโย
Romans 15:4
Sister C-Game bought us some cool little bags from Chiang Rai!
Saying goodbye to Sister Remington, I was way sad
 but we'll always be BFF's! This girl is now an STL in Asoke! 
Notice all the photobombers 
Got three generations right here My mom, me and my kid! So presh.
We thought we could make pancakes without eggs, 
but we figured out that you really can't.
 It was a pancake fail. But when you're a missionary
 in Thailand you'll eat anything ha!
Went to Long Jim's for our Friday night pizza 
with Sister Wadsana and Sister C-Game
 There was a ton of khwai in the river next to 
our house this morning. Awesome!

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