Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thailand/Lampang week 34 Christmas Zone Conference and switch off in Chang Mai

Hey fam! 
This week was such a rush. So we taught Sister Nat and Nang on Tuesday and they gave us their answer that they wanted to get baptized! And they wanted to get baptized that week. So all week we tried to teach them as much as we could before we left for Chiang Mai on Thursday. I love teaching them, they were so prepared by the Lord. It's always cool to hear their testimonies at their baptisms because they always share their experiences while we taught them. Sister Nang shared how when she went home after we taught them that she sat and read the Book of Mormon and just felt in her heart that this was Christ's church and that what we taught had been true. And then Nat talked about how when she felt a certain spirit and happiness at the church that she didn't feel anywhere else. It's always so great seeing the hand of the Lord in your investigators lives. I forget that He is on our side and helping us as well. It's not  just me and my comp teaching and helping them. Heavenly Father is working with them as well! They got baptized yesterday, it was another great day!

 We were so happy for them, it's amazing how happy it makes you as well to see others come closer to Christ. There really is no other greater happiness that you could have! We went and visited their mom afterwards, we really wanted to meet her. I was kinda scared at first but she was super nice, told us we could come over whenever we want. She totally supports her daughters going to church and being Christian because she has seen the great happiness it has brought her daughters. It was a fun little experience! 
So Friday we had zone conference in Chiang Mai! Except it wasn't really a zone conference it was more like a Christmas devotional. Sister Parker was asked to sing and didn't have a piano player so I kinda got stuck doing that haha. She sang Oh Holy Night while I played. It was fun! Anyways at conference we played Christmas games, ate lots of good food and best of all we got to watch The Best Two Years!! That was a nice surprise. It was a great conference though, at the end President talked about how this Christmas probably won't be like the Christmases we've had at home. Where there's Christmas lights everywhere, Christmas music, trees, snow, Christmas food. None of that stuff. But he talked about how no matter what we can have the spirit of Christ with us no matter where we are or what time of year it is. It definitely doesn't feel like Christmas at home. But even without the tree, the lights or the food, I still feel like it's that time of year.
Got Santa hats from President and 
Sister Johnson to wear at zone conference!
Sister Sirikwan and Sister Bon (I was with them in Korat) 
are now in the Chiange Mai zone with us!
 I was so excited to see them!
Our District!

This past week I thought a lot about what Christmas really means to me. What a great blessing it is to us all. It was a day that changed each of our lives. It was a gift of love from a father to His children so they could have hope and eventually attain everything He had. I'm so grateful for my Father in Heaven. I know that He loves each of us, and if we ever doubt that all we have to do is look to our Savior and we will understand. It's the most wonderful time of the year that's for sure!! As this season goes on, I encourage us all to remember and think about why it is the most wonderful time of the year for us personally. 
So this week: 
1. For the first time ever, since I got on an airplane from Salt Lake, I was FREEZING. It rained really hard Friday night in Chiang Mai and I was so cold! It probably wasn't even that cold, I'm probably just a baby now.
2. The other day was Father's Day. Brother Santi brought me and Sister Parker flowers yesterday since we didn't have our dads with us. It was so nice! 
3. Apparently I look like Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games. It's probably only cuz I'm white and have brown hair and no one else does. 
4. Whenever I get frustrated with myself or other people or just anything in general, I sing "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus". It really works!! 
I'm excited for another week of the crazy missionary life. I love this life though. I'm not a perfect missionary but I know I'm not here to be perfect but to learn. Everyday things get easier and I get stronger. And then Heavenly Father gives me something else to work on. Haha! But I know these things are here to help me. Help me on my road to becoming like my Father. 
Love you all, have a good week! 

ซ. คาร์ริโย
Rev. 17:14

Got to go on this fun adventure with Sister Belnap!
 It was a fun switch off!
I was half expecting to see Tarzan swinging through the trees!
My switch off in Chiang Mai involved visiting a
 little mountain tribe on top of the
 mountains outside of Chiang Mai.

This is Sister Noke, we got to teach her family!
 Their house was literally on top of the mountain!

Went to go เที่ยว to Mae Moh today. It was so pretty!

We went Sliding!
Mae Moh was such a beaut!

Took this for you mom!  
I know how much you love my funny face pictures!!

 Sister Chomyong! She is one of the RC's that we take care of.
 I love this lady! We went over on Tuesday to celebrate
 her birthday with her. She was super happy!
Our Christmas tree! 
Haha Sister Parker's grandma sent it to her.

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