Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thailand/Lampang week 29 Pres. Johnson visits/Halloween Party

Hey Fam Bam! 
It was another good week! It started off with President and Sister Johnson coming to visit Lampang last Monday and Tuesday. We did a FHE activity at the church with the members which they loved. They were so excited for President and Sister Johnson to come, they were all there about an hour early (which is super surprising). We got to teach some of our investigators with Sister Johnson as well, which was super fun! On Tuesday morning we got to do our studies with her as well. She's such a spiritual giant, I had so much fun talking to her about the things we'd studied. There's so much to learn from each other! We had our district meeting with the Johnson's and then they took us out for some somtam. It's funny, no matter if you like Thai food or not, most white people love somtam! It's so good! President Johnson interviewed us before they left for Chiang Mai. I'm so grateful for my mission president! I feel like he says exactly all the things that I need to hear. 
 So we've been teaching these two guys, Joe and Ken, for the past couple of weeks. So how I met Joe is a funny story. My skirt got caught in my bike, me and Sister Rem were on the side of the street trying to yank it out and then these khon Thais come over and help us. The other guy leaves and this guy stays to make sure it's ok and he's right there so I invite him. He says no and that was kinda the end of it. A week later, we're at Central and we're suppose to be at the church soon for FHE but we decide to go look at this photography gallery that they're having really quick. So we go down there and that guy is there too! He comes up to us and starts talking to us, I ask if we can meet with him the next day and he says sure. So he comes the next day and brings his friend Ken with him, who's super interested in learning about Christ. And so yeah, we've been teaching them for the past couple weeks. They're both such interesting people. Ken is actually really good and understands really well and Joe just looks really confused all the time. I actually have a hard time not laughing when I teach him because he just looks at us like we're insane. But he keeps coming back! They still both have yet to come to church! They're both really busy. I just thought of how funny it probably is to khon Thais that these white people are coming up to them and asking them if they want to learn about Christ and then calling them all the time and trying to get them to go to church. Yesterday one of the elders investigators that came to the church for the first time asked the elders why they cared so much that he came to church and why they called him so much. It's just funny, they really don't understand. We didn't get a chance to teach Alfred last week though :( but the awesome news is that Sister Miaw got baptized! We've literally been working with her for 2 months now. It was a great day, she was ready! Her testimony was pretty awesome too, she talked about how she used to be a total party girl and just went out and drank all the time and now she's just a church going girl. People ask her to go and party with them and she'd just rather go to the church and hang out with members. She said she finally came to realize that she wanted to get baptized when she was at one of the other baptisms and it just felt right. But she didn't tell us that until the next week! She's funny like that. And then she said that while she was in the water, about to be baptized, it was cold but she felt good inside and then asked herself why she had ever waited so long to do this. I love Sister Miaw, she's going to be such a great member. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to teach her. In the process she taught me so much as well. It was such a great day! 

Everyone likes to be in the picture! :)

Sister Meow (Brother Santi's wife, we finally figured out how to spell her name), was going to get baptized but got really sick. So next week! We want to teach their kids this week so that they can all get baptized together! This transfer me and Sister Rem prayed about the number of baptisms we felt was right. And we both got the number four! So somehow, one way or the other, we're going to get 3 baptisms this Sunday. I have total faith in that! We're going to get 3! We met our goal of bringing back 6 LA's as well! Our district at the beginning of the transfer made a goal of getting 75 people to church (Lampang has the lowest number of people in sacrament meeting). We've been working so hard, working with LA's and RC's and inviting like crazy and having parties to help make the branch closer and stronger. We've been doing all we can to help the church stronger here! And yesterday we had a miracle happen, we had exactly 75 people in sacrament meeting. It was so amazing! Really though, it was all by the hand of the Lord. I just look at all those miracles and know that it was completely by Him. We're the pencil but He's the one doing the writing!  

So we had our Halloween party! I don't think the members had ever really had one, but they went all out for it! Brought lots of food, we had some people dress up! It was fun! We had them do the donut on a string and bobbing for apples. It was so funny! And just played games. I think everyone had a fun time, we had a good turn out! It was definitely different than Halloween at home but it's a Halloween I'll never forget! 

I got new glasses! haha!

The members did a really good job decorating.

Playing the donut game!
These two (Sister Miaw and Sister C-game) 
went all out for the party!
Transfers is next week!! I'm so sad, I really don't want anything to change, I love my district, my companion, my area! I love it all! But I realized that I'm comfortable again, so something has got to change. I feel like each transfer and change that happens, I learn something new. One of my weaknesses or fears is poked at but ultimately strengthened. It's great, change is good! Heavenly Father is teaching me and I'm trying to have humility to listen and change. I've learned that it's just better to listen the first time! :) I love my Heavenly Father, and I've always wanted to do what He's asked of me but I've always thought of myself and what I've wanted first. I feel like I'm finally getting to the point as a missionary where all I want is what He wants or to be what He wants me to be. I love that Hymn that says, "I'll say what you want me to say, I'll do what you want me to do, I'll go where you want me to go, I'll be what you want me to be." It's one of my favorite Hymns! 

Well I hope you guys have a good week! Love you all! 

-ซ. คาร์ริโย

Proverbs 3:5-9

P.s. If you haven't, you should watch the new Mormon Message, Reflections. It's my favorite! 

"Shall we not all go on in such great a cause?"

Helping a member get this interesting
 fruit down from the tree with a stick.  Yay for service!
I decided that if Rapunzel was Buddhist,
this would be her wat!
 Me and Sister Rem saw this wat while we were out biking
 and stopped to take a picture by it. It was a super pretty one!
I just took this while we were in a
 neighborhood because it looked cool
Inviting at the park, always gotta take a picture while inviting!
We were out inviting at the market and 
this lady was making tortilla's

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