Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thailand/Lampang -Week 32 I've realized how missionary work really isn't a sacrifice because you get twice the blessings of the things you give. I have a been so blessed to be a missionary!

Hey Family! 
It was a struggly week, but it was a good one. I feel  like there were a lot of things that I learned and realized that I needed to change. Just as President Senior used to say, if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. So true! But yeah, we had a lot of appointments that didn't go through and some things that didn't work out the way we wanted them to, some set backs. But it's a new week and we're ready to start again! We did meet with one new guy though, Brother Big. We got to teach him twice. He said he's always been really curious about Christ and wanted to learn more about it. He's a quiet guy though, doesn't say too much! I feel like that's how most of my investigators have been besides Sister Miaw and Brother Santi, they always have lots to say haha! He's really great though, we're going to keep on working with him! Also we're still teaching Brother Joe. He finally quit drinking coffee, haha he said he's drinking cocoa yens instead. I feel like that's a lot more delicious anyways! I realized how much I really like teaching. I feel so much better as a missionary and everything after we've shared the gospel with someone. It just makes the entire day! We need some more investigators. I'm trying as much as I can to be ready for these people to teach. I think Heavenly Father has us go through certain experiences and has us study particular things so we can be ready for these people that are prepared when we meet them. 
Training has been awesome! Sister Parker has been doing really well, I've been super impressed with her courage to speak even if she doesn't know how to say what she wants. And everyone loves it, people just love greenies. Sister Jo used to tell me that greenies, and even a little after training, have a special spirit with them. Especially because they struggle with the language. I didn't think that then, but I totally see it now. They love that we're hear trying to learn their language and teach them. It just shows how truly important this is that we would give up our time, money, and learning to go to a foreign country, live with the people, learn their language, eat their food. This is so important and we're willing to sacrifice. But then you realize how it really isn't a sacrifice because you get twice the blessings of the things you give. I have a been so blessed to be a missionary! 
The Branch celebrated Thanksgiving last Friday, not sure why but they did haha! We all sat in a circle and Elder Lindley and Sister Ning shared things about Thanksgiving. Elder Lindley shared how in America usually on Thanksgiving we eat turkey and watch football and just eat all day. It's a day for family and a day to realize how much we truly do have. And though we're not at home with our families and not eating our own food, we're grateful to be here with these people and be sharing these moments with them. It's true, I'm so grateful to be here! I have so much to be grateful for! 
Thanksgiving Thailand style! We ate macaroni 
and chicken with the branch. It was fun! 
 So some fun info. this last week I was reading in my journal from the time I was in the MTC and a greenie and I couldn't help but laugh. At the same time I just thought it was so endearing how much I wanted to change. It's fun seeing how far I've come and it all started with my desire to be everything I could for the Lord.  When I was a greenie, I just wanted to be good at the language immediately. I wanted to do everything perfectly all at once, be perfect at listening to the spirit, teaching and inviting. I saw that at lots of times I was super impatient and got really discouraged when things didn't work out the way I wanted them to. But then I kept on going, hoping that it would get better. And things do get better. But they take time. I realized that everything worthwhile in life just takes time. Things don't come immediately but they do come. We have hope and faith in the Lord for a better world, that the things that have been promised will come to pass (Ether 12: 4). And that is what keeps us going! That's what kept me going for sure! It made me think of myself in the next life, when I look over my life. I'll see that I stumbled and sometimes fell. But  I also want to see that I kept on getting back up and going. It was a fun lesson that I learned just from writing in my journal. I encourage you all to keep a journal, there is so much to learn from ourselves. It's how we see our growth and how we don't forget those small little moments in our lives. Record the miracles and the little moments in your life! It's something that I'm grateful I was so diligent at doing throughout my life. 
This week is the Lantern Festival! I'm so excited, I've only seen this stuff on Pinterest and now I'll actually be able to be here for it. I'm glad I get to be up north for it because it's mainly a northern thing. I'll send you guys pics next week! :)
Also read this scripture and it made me think of what happened in Paris the past week. Pray for those families. Moroni 9: 25-26. 

Love you all, have a great Thanksgiving! More than anything, I'm so grateful for you all and that I'm a part of this family. I'll be celebrating with you guys over here in Thailand! 

ซ. คาร์ริโย

John 15:13
So every single Wednesday and Tuesday we get kebab's,
I think it's like Greek food at the Asawine market. 
They are so yummy, look forward to it every week! 
Went and visited Sister Dxan at 
her house with Sister Wadsana! 
Found a dead scorpion at Sister Noy's house. Yuck!
Took this for Dad! It's Father's Dad next month
 here in Thailand so there's dad stuff everywhere. Love you Dad!

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