Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thailand/Lampang- week 28 Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey Mom! 
My week was really good. I actually don't remember a thing that really happened..... It went by way fast. Oh well, I'll try and remember for you guys! Tuesday we switched off with the STL's and they came to Lampang. It was fun, I got to switch off with Sister Ong this time. It was fun! I always get nervous for switch offs because you get so used to just being with your companion all the time, but it's always fun! Sister Miaw (the 22 year old) got her baptismal interview on Tuesday as well and it was decided that next week will be better for her to get baptized. So her and the other Sister Miaw (brother Santi's wife) are getting baptized this Sunday! We want their kids to get baptized with their mom so we're really going to work on that this week. We got lots of blessings last week! We were meeting with new investigators and they would bring their friends that were interested as well. It was awesome! We're finally starting to see things happen! While we were contacting at the park on Tuesday night I met a guy from the Philippines, I totally thought he was a khon Thai. I went up to him and starting speaking to him in Thai and he was like, "Sorry, I don't speak Thai." And I was like, "Oh awesome! Do you want to go to church?" Apparently he has cousins that are LDS because you know, the church is really big in the Philippines. So he was super open to meeting with us. Right before we taught the lesson he was asking us all these questions about why all other churches are so different from one another. Which was perfect because we were about to teach the restoration. It was a good lesson, me and Sister Rem are getting better at teaching in English. Not so awkward anymore! He really liked it though, he came to church on Sunday too and Sister Rem made me translate for him. I'm a horrible translator! I couldn't keep up with the speaker so I kind of just started saying stuff that I kind of thought they were saying. Probably not good! He said he liked it though, so I guess that's all that matters! Anyways, I've thought about it lately about how success as a missionary is so much different than I thought it would be or than I realized. I think I thought it's just all about baptisms but I think of it so differently now. I don't really count success in how many people I baptize but more in the way I touch others life. I try to leave everyone with my testimony and if they choose to reject what we're offering, at least they have that and maybe someday it will touch them. If I helped a member, if I smiled at someone that looked sad, if I succeeded in noticing the blessings the Lord gave me that day, I find that as a success. Success isn't always the big things we do in life. It's also in the small things that we do that make up the big things. 
Anyways! So my birthday. It was a good day! I made myself wait until my birthday to open up my package. So when the alarm went off that morning, that was the first thing I did! It was amazing how much stuff you smashed in there Mom! I loved everything, but I think my favorite thing was the notebook you sent me that everyone wrote in. That was my absolute favorite! For my birthday lunch, I chose to eat somtam of course. The rest of the day we invited! Sister Wadsana was super excited for my birthday, she's been talking about it for the past month (I think mainly because she really wanted to eat pizza). The elders, Brother Bob, Sister Noy and Sister Wadsana all went to eat at Long Jim's, the most delish pizza ever! Brother Ford bought me a cake, so we took that with us too and everyone sang to me super loud. I'm super awkward when people sing Happy Birthday to me! It was a good day though! I had lots of people that made it really special and really fun! I'm glad I got to spend it with Sister Rem too! We got to spend our birthdays with each other! 
Happy 20th birthday  to me!! 
 I couldn't think of anything I could be doing better to 
start off my 20's other than being a missionary!
 Lampang is great! We have two more weeks until we get the call which is so crazy, that means two transfers have already gone by. I'm hoping that I'll stay but I'll honestly go wherever President sends me. The weather in Lampang has been super nice but it's so humid it makes me sick! I got really sick on Thursday from it. Bleh. But unless you're throwing your guts up, you still work on the sick days. Like I said, Satan never stops and neither do we! Poor Sister Rem though, she had to drag me everywhere because I was so slow. And Sister Wadsana was dying over it, she said none of our investigators were showing up because Heavenly Father wanted me to go home and sleep. She's so funny! She literally is like our third companion.  She's helps us all the time with investigators and members. Whenever a new investigator comes to church we tell her to go befriend them and make sure they don't leave. And she does! She's also trying to learn English which is just so funny on it's own because she just speaks Thai-glish all the time. 
I truly am grateful to be a missionary. There are so many things that I have realized on my mission of who I want to be . What I wanted before is so different than what I want now or think is important. I've realized how much God truly does love all of us. I loved President Uchtdorf's talk in the conference from last October (Living the Gospel Joyful) where he talked about God's love for us. How He loves us even when we slip up sometimes. He loves because we try to reach out to others and He sees us trying to be better. And even when others or even ourselves don't acknowledge our successes, He does. No matter how dark or lonely life gets, He is with us and He loves us. I'm so grateful for that knowledge because I know that with God on my side, there is nothing that I can't overcome. Being on my mission has made me realize how great God truly is. And it's made me realize how homesick I am for the home that I don't even remember. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior. What a great day that will be when we are all united together and will experience a happiness that will know no end. I'm excited for that day and I'm determined to get there! 
Love you guys, take care!!
ซ. คาร์ริโย
Brother Kit took us to this famous wat here in Lampang. 
 I have no idea what its called, but there were a ton of people there.

People walk around this huge black building and the say Buddhist prayers. 
 Going to wats always makes me sad.  Its weird watching people worshiping these things.

Got to switch-off with Sister Ong!  
It was a fun day!
Inviting at our favorite market.  
It's my favorite part of Lampang!
Buddhist Trees
The Streets of Thailand
I neglected to send pictures of our house... 
 This is our living room study room (I'm standing at the front door)
The bathroom!  This house is really small, 
but I really like where it's at, so its ok!
Our Kitchen!
The Freakiest bug I've ever seen!  Me and Sister Lor 
were so freaked out by it (she was over for a switch-off)

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