Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, March 16, 2015

MTC- week 5 When do you ever get the chance to sing for an apostle of the Lord with hundreds of other fellow missionaries?

Hello khrccbkhrua! 

This week was a very eventful one! It seemed like a lot went wrong but also a lot was a blessing. My eyes got super irritated on Saturday (don't know why, probably from lack of sleep) and so I've had pretty nice dead and red looking eyes. I'm the only one that seems to notice hahaha.  Daylight savings seems to be hitting us all pretty well this week. We've all had a hard week. But we talked about it and Satan is going to try and throw everything he can at us to get us not to be here or go to Thailand. So I've laughed everything off when I feel like I'm going to cry. I finally broke down crying one night after class, I was just so spiritually and physically exhausted. Luckily I had Lauren right there with me to cry to. I'm so blessed to have her here with me, even if it's only for a little while!

But things have been getting better! I just have to take it one day at a time! 
It's been super warm here! We do our personal and companionship study outside now and it's the best thing ever. I ALWAYS fall asleep in the break between those two studies. We get like a fifteen minute break, so I put my head down and I'm literally out until someone in the district wakes me up. My brain needs it so bad! I'm amazed I can fall asleep that fast. 
My companion was so kind to take a
picture of me napping
Well you guys might have heard but Elder Cook came to devo last Tuesday. We were all pretty excited about that! We sang Praise to the Man in the choir at Devo. When do you ever get the chance to sing for an apostle of the Lord with hundreds of other fellow missionaries? NEVER. It was so awesome! By the way Mom, brother Egget is the choir director, we love him! He's so funny, I go to choir a lot just to listen to him. And sing! Anywho, Elder Cook talked about us and how each of our mission calls are not randomly picked (kinda like how we talked about Mom before I left). He said that our mission calls are completely guided by the spirit, they are revelation! I always love hearing that! I remember when I got my mission call it was so hard for me because it was not where I wanted to go. But the more I'm in the MTC and learning the language, the more I know that Thailand is the place for me. I have so much faith in the Lord and I have faith that He knows what's best for me and the people I serve. My faith in the gospel and my Savior has grown so much more since I've been here. My first step of faith was coming on a mission, a prompting that I acted upon. I'll be acting in faith for the rest of my mission and the more we act on faith, the more our faith grows. How awesome is that?! 
The language is going really good, I'm learning more and more everyday. Me and Sister Johnson had a whole entire conversation in Thai the other day without even realizing it. I've almost got the entire Thai alphabet done. We're learning how to read in it now. I can't wait until I can read and write in this language. We tried reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon in class in Thai and it took us about 10 minutes to read a sentence. But we'll get faster! Well I miss you all so much, I wish I had more time to write! Keep working hard sibs and always remember to keep striving the have the spirit in your life in every part of your day. Because with the spirit, you always have guidance! Sidtee rag khun! 
-Sister Carrillo 

We always have to take a silly one!
The zone sisters!

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  1. Im so happy the you got to go to thailand people there are solo friendly and loving eager to hear the gospel ... go out and share the Gospel will be cheering for you from Idaho