Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, March 23, 2015

MTC- week 6 I'm here because I want others to have what I have been given!

Sawadii Kha khrccbkhrua!! 

This week has been a very eventful week! Don R. Clark came for our Tuesday Devo, it was a really good talk. He was very blunt, I love speakers like that! Anyways he gave us ten points of truth on how to be the best missionaries we can be. The one that hit me the most was enjoying the journey, because I feel like a lot of times I just run through the motions and forget to slow down. I want to embrace every part of this so that is what I'm going to try hard to do! On Wednesday we got to host. That was weird! I literally feel like I just got here. I hosted a girl who was going to Florida Spanish Speaking. I showed her to her room and classroom and told her all the great things about the MTC. I loved it! It makes me feel really old though. The Cambodians, Hmongs, and Vietnamese speakers in our zone leave this week so we're going to be the oldest in our zone! Our zone is literally going to be split in half! We get new Nccn Thai's this week though, they're all boys. Us sisters were kind of bummed that we aren't getting any new sisters but we'll try and love the new elders just the same, haha! I think the only reason I don't want them to come is because I don't want them taking any of our teachers. I'm quite attached to all of them, haha!

Selfie Sunday with my Sisters!
Lauren also leaves next Monday. We've already cried about that. We were out in the hallway crying and sisters kept peeking their heads out to see if we were ok. It was funny! 
I'm gonna miss her!
Well last week I was praying a lot to know how to forget myself and be able to better serve my sisters and elders in my zone and just the MTC in general! Well the Lord answered my prayers and called me and Sister Johnson to be the new Sister Training Leaders. I'm really excited! I'm so excited for the opportunity I have to work with the Branch Presidency and the Zone leaders! We get to welcome all the nccn Thai's on Wednesday and show them around with the zone leaders. Again, I'm excited! I also get the great opportunity to help and serve all the sisters. I love all the girls in my zone but it was funny because as soon as I got called to the position, I all of a sudden got such a protective love over all of them. They also changed the way we do relief society in the MTC yesterday as well, so instead of all the sisters in the MTC meeting together, we're just going to meet in our branches. So me and Sister Johnson will also be leading relief society. I'm way excited! 
On Friday while we were doing personal study we saw two investigators (they just walk around the MTC) sitting at a table across from us and we decided to go and talk to them (despite being a little intimidated). We introduced ourselves and they told us their names Meribel and Mercedes. They are both from Mexico and I told them all about you dad! They said you should've taught me Spanish ;) They wanted to hear us speak Thai and teach them something so we taught them the first vision! One of us spoke in Thai while the other translated. They asked us questions and the one Meribel asked us  why were we here when we haven't seen God like Joseph Smith did and that we should be out partying like kids are suppose to (hahaha!). After I thought about it, I told her that I have so much faith in my Savior and Heavenly Father that I don't need to see them. I know what I have felt and the reason I am here is because I love Christ and Heavenly Father so much that I'm willing to give up 18 months of my life to try and give back what they have given to me. I'm here because I want others to have what I have been given! It was such a special moment! And since I have to speak in Thai all the time, I can never really bear my testimony exactly like that but I was grateful for that experience! Last week I kept getting frustrated because I felt like I knew absolutely nothing about the gospel because I can never answer the way I want in Thai. But that was such an assurance that the Lord heard me and some day I will be able to speak like that in Thai. That was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father! 
The language is still coming. We talk in Thai actually A LOT. It's amazing how much we have learned! I started to TRY and read the Book of Mormon in script. I read about a line that took me like 15 minutes and gave me a headache. But it's so fun to read, I can't wait for the day until I can read all of it! Plus the more I read in Thai, the faster I get and the more I understand the grammar concepts. I figured out slightly how to spell my name in Thai. There's a lot of different ways! It's really fun to write in, and it always looks sudyccd maag thii sud! Saturday was our last TRC, and today we skype for the first time to someone in Thailand. We're a little scared about that, but I'm excited to talk to a khon Thai (Thai person)! 
Well that's all I got, I just want you guys to know how much I love you guys! Heavenly Father comforts me every day and tells me you guys are being taken care of! I'm so grateful for that, and I hope that you guys are feeling the spirit as well! Strive to always keep it with you! Sidtee rag khun talccd! 
-Sister Carrillo 
Happy Birthday to Elder Roberts!
Our district just wouldn't be the same without him!
Happy St. Patricks day!
I am doing my leprechaun pose!
We take a lot of pictures together!
I love service day!  I never thought I'd love
cleaning so much
Me and Sister J.  I love my Khuu!
Wearing our Thai shirts
Sister Rhodes (Lauren's companion),
Lauren, me, and Sister Johnson
These turds stole my camera!

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