Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, March 9, 2015

MTC- week 4 We have begun writing in Thai script and lemme tell you, I LOVE IT!

Sawad dii kha khrccbkhrua! 
This last week was such a good one! Thank you for all your fasts and prayers, they were definitely felt! I felt the spirit so strongly this week! We talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday (that was our topic) and the power that the spirit holds. We truly are walking blindly through this life without the spirit. I have always thought to myself that I probably made myself promises in Heaven but how am I to remember those promises when I can't remember them. I don't need to remember them though, because the spirit leads me to the paths that I need to go and if I stay in tune with the spirit, I will be able to accomplish everything that I planned and Heavenly Father planned for me. That's also the great thing about a patriarchal blessing! I'm finally learning how to teach by the spirit though! We taught Phii Chaan about the plan of salvation on Thursday and I mentioned how we experience sorrow and pain here to learn but we also experience happiness and joy. Further on in the lesson we asked him if he understood and if he had any questions. He looked at me and said that he didn't understand why we have trials and why bad things happen. He asked us why we experience pain! Sidtee Johnson quickly found a scripture for him to read and while they were reading that, I thought of when I had asked myself that same question. I then remembered the scripture that has always helped me get through my pain and trials. When they finished I asked him to open up to D&C 121 and had him read the parts where Joseph Smith was in liberty jail and was asking God why they were suffering. I explained to Phii Chaan that Joseph Smith didn't understand why all these bad things were happening and when it would end. I then had him read the scriptures where the Lord tells Joseph that He is with him and that this was only a small part. And that if he would endure his trial well, the Lord would exalt him on high. I then told Phii Chaan that the Lord heard him, loved him and that He is always with him. The spirit was so strong in the room! It was the first time I had actually felt the words I was saying was true! He told me that he felt was I was saying was true and thanked me for answered his question. He said he felt good inside! I was so happy! Who knew that a scripture that had once helped me allowed me to help another. There is so much joy in bringing light to others confusion. That has been one of my favorite lessons. 
Well, we have begun writing in Thai script! And lemme tell you, I love it! I love writing in script, it's not easy but it's like a little puzzle that you have to put together. Plus, they have gorgeous writing, I can't wait until I can write like that someday. The language is coming a bit easier! Me and my khuu try and speak in it constantly to each other. Especially in class because one of my teachers is constantly telling us to SYL (speak your language). I'm learning more Thai so it's more fun to speak! 
We watched our Phii Thai's video of when they first got to Thailand. I'm so excited for them, and I'm getting more and more excited to go! But I'm enjoying being at the MTC, I really love it here! I discovered that Brianna will be on the floor right below me (that's where all the Japanese speaking people go). It's too bad she's not here! :( I saw Alison here at the MTC! She works in the cafeteria and she told me she put in her papers. That's so exciting for her!I'd love to hear from Kevin but I don't have any of his addresses. Could you send them to me por favor madre? :) 
So I did join choir and I love it! Our choir director is amazing, he has so many spiritual stories that he incorporates into the song. Last week we sang Be Still My Soul! I've always loved that song but it touched me so much when we sang it because that was exactly what my soul needed to hear. I needed my soul to just be calm and listen to the spirit. It was perfect! 
Yesterday was one of the best days ever! We took our temple walk, and we usually do it at 2:30 so it was nice and warm outside. Every time we walk to the temple I love looking at the mountains here, I always want to hike them though! They remind me of the time we climbed the Sawtooth mountains and I thought I was going to die, but it is one of my favorite memories! Also I finally got to watch the Testaments last night! They played it and I forgot how cheesy the romance was in it but hey it was still good. Everyone laughs in those parts because it's so awkward and it's the closest to romance we're gonna see in a long time! 
Today we did temple sealings, I really love doing that! It reminded me of the time when me and Taeli got sealed in the temple to Mom and Dad. I didn't quite understand how big of a blessing that day was and will bless me for the rest of eternity. I can't wait for the day when I no longer have to say goodbye to my family! And now I have the chance to bring that to the people of Thailand. I can't wait!
Well, I hope everything is good at home. I'm excited that Ryan's team won state, wish I

could've been there! Don't worry mom, I cry every time I hear from you guys too! I've become quite the baby here! I love you guys and I miss you! Choog dii!
-Sidtee Carrillo
 I Love this Temple!!
My classroom
I am obsessed with these mountains. 
(Ignore the guy in the background)
Me and Lolo wearing our mission shirts
Me and sister Hayes (from Rexburg)
I am so excited we get to go to Thailand together
She is going to Korea.  Everytime she sees me she tells me
she loves me.  I absolutely adore her!
Thailand here I come!

We looked cute today, so we had to take a picture
These are some of my favorite consonants to write in Thai.

Hi Daddy! I miss you so much! I speak Spanish all the time haha. During class I was trying to say what was important in Thai (I don't remember what we were talking about) and instead I started saying "Es muy importante" and I died laughing. My teacher told me no Spanish! haha. As I was reading your letter I was walking back to my residence and was almost crying. I'm pretty sure everyone thought I was a weirdo haha. I remember that day so well! It didn't feel real to me at all and I almost wanted to just turn around and go back home because I wasn't ready to let go of everything. But like you said, it was something that I'm meant to do. I had to keep reminding myself of before I left for Ecuador or college and I was terrified to leave home! But I loved those experiences and wouldn't have learned what I needed to learn had I stayed home. I dream about home all the time though! I sent you guys a letter about how I was talking in my sleep and woke everyone up telling them my dad was just here but he left. It was so funny haha! I wish you wouldn've been here! This is an experience though that I wouldn't trade for anything, I love being here and I thank Heavenly Father everyday that He is blessing you guys because of this. Because like I said, I told Heavenly Father before I put my papers in that if I went all I asked was that you guys be taken care of. And He has answered my prayers! I love you Daddio! Thank you for all that you have taught me and for pushing me to be better even if that means I have to be away from home for a while.
Bye, see ya later! ;) 
-Hermana Carrillo 

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