Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, August 1, 2016

Thailand/Asoke week 68

Hey everyone! 
This week was another fast one. It was a crazy one too. There were a lot of things that didn't go as planned. At all. It was almost hilarious how many cancels we had. So we had lots of inviting time! Which I have grown to love so much on my mission. It's fun just going and talking to random people. Though it's sometimes uncomfortable and really awkward. They're weirded out and wondering why you're talking to them. But a lot of people are really nice and I've met so many cool people. People are not as scary as I once thought them to be. Sometimes. Haha! 
The more I talk with people though, the more and more grateful for the gospel and the knowledge I have. Being in the center of this metropolis, we run into a lot of foreigners who already have their minds made up of who God is. What I've come to the conclusion is that people in this world really have no idea who He is. They think He is some mysterious being, incomprehensible. When I look at it from their point of view, I understand why they're confused and don't really see a need to seek after spiritual things. Which has turned me to look at myself and who I believe God is. Do I actually believe that God is my Eternal Father? And if I so, why do I believe it? Alma talked about this in Alma 32. If we could even have a little desire to believe and open our hearts, this leaves place for a seed to be planted. And then we will know if this seed is good, because it will continue to grow and flourish if we nourish it. This seed that was long ago planted in my heart and continues to grow everyday. I know who God is because through His messenger, He has taught me exactly who He is. He is the Father of us all. We were with Him in the beginning. Jesus Christ is His Son and our Savior, and the Holy Ghost is the testator. They are all separate beings but They are one in the way that They work in unity for the Salvation of God's children. Yesterday, we taught one of our investigators from America this exact thing. Just watching his face light up as he began to understand who God is, is one of the best parts of my calling. This is what we work for. We'd been telling him these things the entire time and he just didn't understand it. But finally yesterday, his heart opened up to it. Maybe God isn't as mysterious as this world has made Him out to be. 

"And by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things."
-Moroni 10: 5
Such a simple scripture, but there is so much power in knowing that. 

Heaven truly isn't as far as we think it is. I've seen it all around me and I've felt it. That feel of the spirit. It's familiar. It's the feeling of home. It warms my spirit.
So to all the unbelievers, I want you all to know the greatest truth that I have learned. That God is our loving Heavenly Father. And that truth is why I do what I do. I love my Heavenly Father! 
My challenge you guys (family, friends, everyone) is to think about that this week. Who is God to you? 
There is good found in the world, and truth that we can all know for ourselves. We just have to seek for it! 
Love you all! Have a great week! 

Sista Carrillz 
Found ourselves in a jungle. So we had to take a pic.

Lumpini Park!
Inviting at Lumpini with Sister Mickey! 
I have no idea what this is but we were inviting a guy 
                                           when we spotted this and freaked out.
Shakila got baptized!! :) They're a Pakistani family the 
elders handed over to us. She was so happy!! 
Sister Larsen, one of our favorite member-missionaries! 
Went to the art museum again
Gettin' dubbed queen. Darth Vader was there too. 

Random giant orange bunny at the BTS station. 


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