Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, February 22, 2016

Thailand/Chaengwattana week 45

Hey Mom,
It was another good week, just as always. I don't really know what to write about though! Some crazy things happened, taught investigators, invited, had some frustrating moments but also some really good moments. We have two investigators getting baptized this next week. Sister Bee and Sophia (who's from China!). I'm really excited for the both of them, it's amazing how much you grow to love your investigators and just want them to have the best. That's when teaching gets easy and the words just come. We had one funny moment when one of our investigators just got up and left while we were teaching. I understood why because first of all we were teaching outside (we had no girl to help us teach) and second it was blazing hot outside. It was just funny! 
 I've literally just seen the craziest things. Especially since I've been in Chaengwattana! My very favorite part of this area here is the Islam road, where the mosque is. I have no idea why, I just think it's super cool. Everyone's walking around in their headdresses and sometimes the signal goes off for them to pray to Allah for the fifth time that day. It's way cool. The signal is all in Arabic but it sounds like a song. Me and Sister Forte were walking down this street the other day and we saw this guy beating up a cute little girl. We rushed over there and tried to get her to go with us. She actually wasn't a little girl, she was 22 letting her 22 year old boyfriend beat her up while his little 15 year old brother sat in the background and watched. She didn't want to go with us but she gave us her number so we could contact her again. We didn't leave until her boyfriend left. It made me so sad, I just didn't want him to hurt her anymore and we knew he wouldn't while we were standing there. It's so crazy to me that people live their life like this! They were both living in a shack right next to the sewer river. I know I say this all the time, but you guys, we all, have so much at home. We are so lucky. I'm grateful to be here though. I feel as we walk down these broken streets and broken homes that we are some sort of a light in their darkness. Like my Savior, I'm here to preach to the poor and the broken hearted. I feel like I'm suppose to be here. Not only for others but for myself. Don't ever forget what you have and how lucky you are. Because I've met people that have nothing but a mat to sleep on. 
We got to see Elder Stephenson yesterday! It was short and sweet, everything is being centered on preparing people for the temple. We're trying to create stakes! The goal is 8 stakes total in Thailand by the end of the year. Which is crazy, but I believe that with God we can do it. I'm excited that I get to be at the beginning of these great changes that are being made within the mission and within the church here in Thailand. I can't wait until I come back someday and see the fruits of our labors. 
I feel that the Lord has a lot in store for the people here. 
Hope you guys have a good week! Love ya! 

-Sis. Carrillo 

John 8: 28-29
They were having a party at the mosque. 
So we decided to go and check it out!

I was comps with a khon Thai for the day,
 Sister Donlaya! It was so much fun!
On the way to Elder Stephenson!
Visiting Sister Him at her work!
Reunited! Miss this girl!
Mango sticky rice from President Wisan, it's so delish!
This is one of our investigators, Sister Tip. 
She's so awesome, we just love her!
My first hamburger in a long time. It was so good!

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