Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thailand/Korat- week 6 I believe everyone should serve a mission. There is no other place where you could grow like this. It's so amazing!

Hi Mom! 

This week was a really fast one again. We were biking around everywhere to teach Brother Kim and Sister Jenny so they could get baptized this week. We tried moving Brother Kim's baptism to the 24th instead of the 31st just because we thought he was ready and there was no purpose in waiting. He's come to church every week! We had him pray about it and he said he's just more comfortable with the 31st. We were fine with that, we knew we did all we could. We biked all the way to his work pretty much everyday to teach him and get him ready but the ultimate choice was his. We gave it all we could! We biked also to Jenny's work every day too. She's so prepared by Heavenly Father, it was crazy! She got so excited when we taught her how to pray. She said she never knew how, she would just say things to God in her mind. She calls us her teacher, it's so cute! Satan really did not want her to get baptized though. She had to go to a work thing on Thursday and was coming back Friday night so she could have her baptismal interview on Saturday morning. She said she was almost not able to make it home and then when she finally found a ride home, she said the spirit told her to wear a helmet. She ended up getting into an accident! But she made it safely back thankfully! After we were done with everything Saturday morning she told us to sit down. We were kind of surprised but she took both of our hands and told us thank you for teaching her and for biking everyday to save her. She showed us a picture (I've seen it on Pinterest before) of these kids saving a dog and pulling it out of a river. She said she was the dog and we saved her. It was so awesome! I've waited forever to do this! Me and Sister Mamea were both crying. I cry all the time now, it's just great. She got baptized yesterday though, she was so excited. She said she's been waiting for this for 50 years. It was a great day! 

We have a bunch of people that we've been teaching! It's just hard because they're all so busy. They work so much just because they have to. They don't really make a lot here so they have to work ALL THE TIME. But we try to work around it! It's funny because most of our investigators are old and they think they're about to die so they really want to learn. A lot of them really don't have much of a Christian background. When we go inviting a lot of the time they don't understand what I'm even saying but they say no and then they walk away asking their friends what I was talking about. So I repeat myself over and over until I finally see it click with them. They're so funny, they don't say "what?" or "I don't understand". They have no idea what I'm saying but they just say no, smile and walk away. OR they start trying to speak English to me! I get really confused because I'm listening for Thai and they are speaking English.  They're such nice people though.  I once went and invited this guy and he's like, "no, I'm ok. I already know everything I need to know right up here (pointing to his head). Did you know that there's more than one God? Yeah so you have to be careful about which one you're praying to." (all I was thinking in my head was the scripture that says they think they are wise and rely on their own strengths!) and then I told him about the church which he had already heard about. And then he said that he'd look it up online. I told him to go to and he said "that's ok, the internet says everything that I need to know. That's how i know so much because I can just google everything." And then I said, "You really let everything you know rely on the internet which anyone could put information on?" and then he's like, "oh yeah!" He was in a hurry though but before he got away I gave him the card and said to go there for info! Some of the white people get annoyed with us when we invite them because they already know who we are hahaha. 
I'm so glad you're reading Journey to the Veil! It's true, everyone really does need to read it. It just gives you such a different perspective on things. I think when you're so much more focused on God and spiritual things, you're perspective on life and everything just changes. My perspective on so many things has changed. I think I've really realized what's important and what's not. I wish I would've focused on scriptures and learning more than focusing on my phone and tv. I just didn't know what to do with my life! I thought life was so hard and stressful and I just had to push through everything. But I appreciate it so much more. Even through all the trials that I've had to face here, I've tried to learn something from them. I know for a surety now that Heavenly Father only gives me them to become stronger and learn. I've learned so much here! I can't wait until I can share it all with you when I get home. Email is just too hard to say it all! I believe everyone should serve a mission though. There is no other place where you could grow like this. It's so amazing! 
So what's going on at home? What are all the new graduates going to be doing? What's Kourtnee doing? What about Cassidy? What about Kevin? What's he been up to? Has anyone else gotten their mission calls? Alexis leaves soon for her mission too! It's crazy how many people are going! 
Hope you guys have a good week! Love you! 
-Sister Carrillo 
Celebrating the baptism at sizzler!
FHE at Mee Kop's
We got locked out of our bedroom!
We could Not open it!
Sister Siri accidently locked it.  haha
Elder Baldwin toilet papered our study room while
we stood helplessly watching because we couldn't
get into the house.  He is such a gem!  haha
It became a race between the elders to see
who could open the door and who could get through
the window first.  Elder Wager (we had betted on him)
got it opened!
Happy that its open now!
Sister Mamea and I are obsessed with
the donuts here!  They are So good!
Sister Beuchter made us air popped popcorn in our
rice maker.  I have never been so happy!!
Our weekly outing as a district! 
Ice cream at Swensons!
 We love sister Jenny!!

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