Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thailand/Korat- week 7 It's amazing how close I feel with Christ and Heavenly Father now!


My week was so good. It literally went by so fast. I feel like I say that about every single week haha! Last week for Pday we went to Khao Yai which literally looked like Ecuador to me. I did not want to leave! The waterfall wasn't as big as we thought it was going to be just because it hasn't rained a ton. We didn't go at the right time. But it was still so fun! Sister Plcc took us (she's from there) and was pretty much our guide. They took us to see the elephants and sadly we couldn't ride them because they were sick but me and Sis Mamea are planning on going back. It was a fun little trip though!

We also found out that day who from our district was going to move. Luckily me and Sister Mamea didn't leave but we lost four people; Sister Beuchter, Elder Mayo, Sugi and Wager. Sad about Wager, he was my Phii Thai! We all went down to Bangkok for transfers Tuesday night. We had dinner with a bunch of the members before we left at a burger place. The members here are so great! They are definitely what I will miss most when I have to leave here. We got one new sister, Sister Johansen and one new elder, Elder Bingham. We only have two elders here in Korat now. Don't know why but we were sad! Transfers was so fun though, I saw a lot of my Phii Thais and saw some of the people from my MTC group. I saw Sister Johnson! I was so excited to see her! 

 So Brother Kim moved on Sunday. It was kind of sudden. We came back from transfers and called him on Thursday and he said he's moving back to Bangkok to reconnect with his son. Which is great! But we were sad because we love brother Kim! We asked him if he wanted to still get baptized and told us he didn't. We were so confused about all of it because we know he has a testimony and he reads like five chapters of the BOM everyday. We just didn't understand. So we made an appointment with him to say goodbye and just clear some things up. We came to the conclusion that he's still going through the repentance process and he really wants to show God that he's committed. I felt good about it. We did everything we could and now he's in the Lord's hands. Heavenly Father comforted both me and Sister Mamea and we knew that it would all be ok. He's going to go to church in Bangkok and Elder Mayo is there now so we're going to call him and tell him to take care of Brother Kim! We have a bunch of investigators that come to church it's just hard to get them during the week. And it's hard to keep them committed to stuff! Trying to contact as much as we can. We need more investigators! 

Things are going good here in Korat. I really am starting to love it here. When we came back from Bangkok I was so relieved because I felt like I was home. The language is STILL coming. I understand a lot, and I try and speak as much as I can because I know if I don't, I'll never learn. One of the members said I speak a lot more in lessons that most greenies do. That made me feel better! 

Yesterday we went to one of the members house that are from the Philiphines (there are a lot of them here, that teach English!). Their food was so good! I really like Philiphino food or at least the food they made. It was a nice change from Thai haha. I'm starting to kind of get used to Thai food. I've accepted that there are just some stuff that I will not ever like but there are some things that I really do like! It's the curry I think I have a hard time with but if there's just a little then I can eat it. I LOVE their fruit though, it's literally better than candy. It's delish!

Well everything is great here in Korat! Some days are really hard but I know why I'm here. I tell myself that someday this will all just be a memory. And I want it to be a good memory! So even when I'm so tired or just can't take the heat here anymore I always just say a little prayer and Heavenly Father somehow gives me the strength to keep going. It's amazing how close I feel with Christ and Heavenly Father now. I thought I was close before but now I completely let them guide and direct my life. I've learned so many things that have become a blessing for me out in the field, things that I know I will be able to use later. It's hard to overcome things like getting music or thoughts of home out of my head. It's not that they're necessarily bad, it just distracts me. I've almost been here two months and I've learned so much. I can't imagine what it will be like when I'm almost done with my mission! I'm still learning how to overcome myself that's for sure but I only feel weak when I try and do this on my own. The atonement has helped me overcome a lot of my weaknesses and struggles, but I had to learn how to give it to Christ. Every week I feel stronger and better and I know that it's all through the enabling power of the atonement. How grateful I am for my Savior! My love for and respect for Him continues to grow each day! 

Hope everything is well at home! Has Aubrie gotten my letter yet? Did you get the package I sent home from the MTC? Love you guys! 

-Sister Carrillo
This is the national park where the waterfall was in Khao Yai
Sister Plcc was our guide for the day! 
She was awesome!
Hiking to the waterfall

The Jungles here are beautiful!!
We took Lots of pictures!!
Found it!
We Saw Elephants!!
I want one!
And we saw Monkeys!!
Elder Wager climbing a vine! 
Having a goodbye dinner with the members!
I have no idea what these are called but this fruit
is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted!
If you guys eat anything when you come to
Thailand I will make sure it is this!!
Drinking Cocoa Yen and Cocoa Bons!
The most delicious things ever!

Hi Dad!
It's still so hot here. It should be rainy season by now so it should be starting sometime. I hope that it gets cooler. Honestly I really don't know what it's like anymore to walk outside and not just sweat. It will be a nice change when I come home haha. A lot of the members ask me if Idaho is hot. I say its hot but not like Thailand. 
I hope everything is well at home! How's work going? Are you using my money? I saved that for this you know! Have you seen any other good movies? Jurassic World comes out soon, the boys will love that! I saw a poster for that somewhere. 
Well I'm good here! Some days are extremely hard but I just try to push through it. It's hard not thinking about home! I think I'm so lucky though that I had such a good life that I miss it so much and I have people that I miss this much. I feel very blessed for it! Love you Daddio


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