Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, July 18, 2016

Thailand/Asoke week 66.... Last Transfer

Hey Fam Bam! 
Well, another transfer. And my last one. I didn't get transferred out thankfully! But me and Sister Mags are not companions anymore. They put two new sisters in here with us! Sister Mags is with Sister Black, training her on how to be an STL and me and Sister Htway opened up a new area for missionaries! We are now the assigned missionaries to the international ward here. So excited, I love international wards! I'm really excited to be with Sister Htway as well. She's from Myanmar and has been out on her mission for about 10 months now. She's been a member for only about two years and is the only member in her family. Fun fact: her family got a reward for the most traditional Buddhist family. I admire these people that show such courage and bravery. It's one thing to change from being Catholic to Mormon. But Buddhist to Christian?? That's another story. Espcially when you are surrounded by Buddhism everywhere. She speaks English really well. Thank goodness, because I don't know Burmese, but she's teaching me some. She's Asian, so I feel like a giant next to her. She is so cute! Way excited to be with her and help the members here in the international ward. We want to strengthen the ward and the members. We started out with pretty much nothing, so we've been praying and working really hard to find some new investies. Life is good in the Thep!! 
Me and my new companion
It was a really long week and kind of hard. But I'm grateful for all my past experiences on my mission that were hard for me. I grew a lot and it helped me to trust in God. I guess that's why we have hard times. Not because God is punishing us or wanting to tear us down, but because He loves us and knows that when we look back those trials will be such a blessing to us. God has granted me a lot of opportunities to prove myself to Him. So this week when the road seemed hard and I had no idea what the heck I was doing, I just remembered all those times in the past. When I felt stuck and so inadequate for this calling. But somehow in the end, it always worked out. It's by going and doing something that we see miracles happen, that we grow. So this is a hard beginning, but I trust in Heavenly Father! 
Funny story for the week: We were standing in line to get tickets to get on the BTS (sky train) and there was this farang (white guy) standing in line ahead of us. So I said hello to him and asked him where he was from and he just looked at me for a second, told me he was from Italy and then wouldn't talk to me anymore. So I was just like ok whatevs! Then as soon as he gets his ticket, he turns to me and says, "you are very beautiful but I already have a girlfriend." My jaw just drops and he walks away. Yeah definitely was not hitting on him, just wanted the guy to go to church!! I was laughing though because I wonder if that's what all the guys think I'm doing when I try and talk to them. Nope. 
I'm excited for this next week, we already have a bunch of appointments made to go and visit members and investigators! I love visiting people at their homes. Then you understand more of who they are. The part I love about being a missionary: All the people that I get to meet and know! The thing I will miss most about Thailand are the people. I know everyone says that about their missions, but it's because they change your life so much. I've been reminiscing lately about the last 17 months and all the amazing people that I have met. And now parts of my heart are scattered across Thailand. I have a feel of what how Heavenly Father feels about us. How lucky am I that I have learned how to love. 
Have a great week! Love you all!! 

Sister Carriyo 

Finding Joy in the Journey - President Monson
This is a talk that I have been searching for my entire mission! And then I found it last week. One of my favorite talks. Let's live life to it's fullest! 

This is what it looks like to open up an area. 
Lots of records to go through!

The church in Asoke. It's a beautiful place!
Selfies in the elevator!
 Really convenient for us that there's a mirror in there!

This was mine and sister Mags loog we adopted 
for a day before she left for her mission. 
We get to take care of her after her set apart until they leave.  
Her name is Tata! 
Ice cream with Sister Martell!
President reading us some Doctor Seuss!
Good morning Bangkok!!
We have matching turtles that we carry on our bags!
 Don't know why it's a thing but it is.
Rainy Thailand!!


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