Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, July 11, 2016

Thailand/Asoke week 65

Hey Fam Bam, 

This week was so fast. Well I spoke in sacrament meeting for the first time on my mission yesterday. But it was in the English Ward :) Thank the heavens! I was asked to speak about temples and the covenants we make. How grateful I am that I was raised in a home that was based on temple covenants that my parents had made. It's so special. 
Another refugee family showed up at the church yesterday. Ola and her three little children escaped from Iraq and have been living in Thailand for the past four years. Her family that lives in Canada encouraged them to go to church and so she had come a couple weeks ago but because of legal complexities with helping refugees here in Thailand, the church can't do anything to help them. So she didn't come the next week and then last Saturday she got a call from a man she didn't know. She said it he kept telling her to go back to the church on Sunday. "Why? They can't do anything to help me??" And the voice just kept on telling her to go back. So she showed up at the church on Sunday and one of the members grabbed and introduced them to us. They had just walked in and no one knew who they were. We talked with them and took them to class. She told me about her and her children's situation right now in her broken English. She told me that no one would help her so she prayed to Mary. "I know someone is listening, but I don't know who." Then I told her about God, and how He is our Father in Heaven, and she could pray to Him about anything. She had no idea really who Christ was. I just teared up as her eyes lit up, she was learning about her Father in Heaven for the first time. We have no idea who the person was that called her. We asked everyone but no one knew them. Me and Sister Mags were convinced that it was all by the Lord's hand. If anything can help Ola, it's the gospel and knowledge of her Savior. We're visiting them this Tuesday. I'm so excited! Nearer My God to Thee has also become one of my favorite songs. We sang it in church and Ola and her children just kept looking up at me and smiling. They loved that song! Ola and her kids were a miracle to me. 
We've seen many miracles. I'm a definite believer in miracles. Khawfang, Prince, Oy, and June all took dates to be baptized. Khawfang and June just showed up at the church with their friends that were members. Member missionary work!
This last week, I rode the khlong (really big disgusting canal) for the first time to go visit Khawfang. When there's a lot of people on there, it gets kind of claustrophobic. I had to keep myself from going into a panic attack as I watched more and more people get on! 
Khawfang had read all the way to 2 Nephi 31 in 4 days! I know she wasn't just skimming through it, she was asking all these questions about the things she had read and what it meant. She's one of those golden investigators that we dream about. She's awesome!! 
Me and Sister Mags went and got our visas renewed for the last time. 
I said hello to one of the members at the church and then he says, "hello, Maisie." Ew! Don't know how he figured out my name but I don't like being called that anymore. It's just weird. I tell everyone my first name is Sister. haha. 
I got sick for the first time in forever last week. But not too sick, I still got to work :) Just hope others weren't too grossed out by my coughing. 
This week is another transfer week. Don't know where this last one went. Tuesday night we get the call! Last time I'll ever have to take the suspense of transfer week. Kinda sad :/ 
I love being a missionary. I have been so blessed. 
Have a great week, love ya'll! Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures!! 

Sister Rio

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.” President Monson
These are some of my Thai friends :)
Switch off with the Bangkhae sisters! 
Yep that's Sister Johnson, my MTC comp. 
I've finally been able to serve around her!

Taking a boat ride to visit our investigator! I got sick.
Sister Jaa was kind enough to take us out for pizza!
Switch off with Sister Hoeft! Fun fact: She's friends with
 Rylee (my byui roommate)!! 
We had a little too much fun with our face masks.....
This is Sister Hong! She likes hugs and she laughs all the time. 
I had the chance to visit her again last night. 
I just love this beautiful daughter of God!
Ate a cinnamon roll in the first time in...I don't know what.
Haven't sent a picture of one of these in a while. Here's a wat!
Got to meet my childhood idol! In wax form.

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