Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thailand/Lampang-week 27 zone conference and a hair cut!

Hey Mom! 
My week was super good, we only had about 2 days in our area before we went to Chiang Mai. So we were working hard those two days to get balanced! Chiang Mai was so fun though! We got to stay in a hotel (that had breakfast!). And we had zone conference on Friday and District conference (like stake conference) was on Saturday. Zone conference was so good! Elder Funk and  President Johnson spoke to us about obedience. It was really good! I think I've always justified myself in why I didn't have to be completely obedient in everything but the Lord wants us to be completely obedient in everything. Commandments are there to make us better and help us to become more like Christ. One of our first commandments is that we love God above anything else. I never understood the significance of that.  I never understood why God needed our love and wanted us to love Him so bad. But it's totally not like that. It's for us! God knows that if we love Him, we'll want to keep His commandments and those commandments that we keep will help us to be able  to return to Him. I love that! God doesn't need our love. But we need Him and we need His love! I learned so much at Zone conference. I'm so grateful for our president, I feel like he really wants us to focus on what we're becoming. Just as Elder Holland said, "Let your mission change you!"
Zone conference in Chiang Mai! 
Elder Funk of the Seventy and his wife came and spoke to us

One thing that I love that Elder Funk talked to us about at District meeting on Saturday night was about  the sacrament. I never understood the significance, I knew what it represented but that was about it. It's one of  the most important ordinances that we perform, something that we  need every single week. We renew that baptismal covenant, that we will always remember Him in everything we do and keep His commandments. And  the promise is that we will always have His spirit to be with us. ALWAYS! What a great promise that is for us. During that time is a time to think about the sacrifice the Savior made for us, so that we could overcome our fallen state and live with our Heavenly Father again. What the atonement means to us, our relationship with our Savior, what we have overcome because  of the atonement. I feel like the sacrament has been put on such an emphasis for the past couple of weeks. It was mentioned a lot in conference too! I think because, as I said before, we need it every week. Something that I read from President Smith is that a person who goes to church humbly and partakes of the sacrament each week is not going to ever purposely break commandments or falls away from the church. That's why it's been emphasized so much. We need  this spiritual power! I wrote down one thing that really stuck with me from Elder Funk's talk, "How will you remember Him?" 

It was a really good weekend! We invited a lot! It's really hard  to invite in Chiang Mai though because there's so many tourists. So many white people! I'm not used to being around white people anymore, I'm used to being the minority. It's going to be weird when I go  home and not everyone is Asian. I love  my Asians! Really though, I didn't even know most of the people that were at  the conference but everyone will just come up to you and tell you how pretty you are and then five seconds later they're your best friend. They're so friendly and just love everyone! I love Thai people, the members are super strong here.  I always smile because I feel like almost every single one of them has a picture of the Savior or the temple as their screen saver. I have so much to learn from these people, they're all so inspiring! 
Sister Ban, She's in the Chiang Mai branch, 

 but we are still best friends!

 So last Wednesday, I got my skirt caught in my bike, and so we were on the side of the street trying to get my skirt out of my chain (it was such a struggle!) and  these Thai people come over with scissors and pliers and get my skirt out for  me. It was so nice! My skirt is nice and ruined though, the joys of biking!

This past week was really good, I cut my hair short. I figured that since I'm turning 20 I needed  to do something crazy. And since I'm a missionary, cutting my hair is as crazy as it's going to get! I really like it though, I thought I would hate  it but I actually like it! 
I was nervous!

 Sister Miaw, brother Santi's wife, invited us over  for lunch before we left for Chiang Mai on Thursday. She made  us khao soi, one of my favorite northern Thai food dish! It was really good, but the chicken was sketchy so I didn't eat it. Sister Rem did though and she got food poisoning from it! She was sick all weekend, I felt so bad  for her. Sister Miaw, the 22 year old, is getting baptized this Sunday though, we're so excited!! I also got your guys package, I'm saving it until my birthday to open :) I got letters from the yw, it was so nice of them to write me! Uncle Kit also added  me to his group of people he sends letters to. Which I loved! This week is going to be a good week. It's my birthday and Sister Wadsana has been talking about it for the past month now. She wants everyone to go to Long Jim's to eat pizza for my birthday. So  I guess that's what I'm doing! I'm excited! But other than that, it will be a normal missionary day. Satan never stops and neither do we! 

Love you guys! Have a great week! 

-ซ. คาร์ริโย
My ponderizing scripture for this week! 2 Cor 4: 17-18
 We  went and ate at Butter is Better, an American Diner.  
Sister Remington was a greenie here in Chiang Mai and
 this was one of her favorite places so she took us here.  
I miss pancakes so much! And btw- I like bananas now. :)

We went inviting at this really sweet market.
  I'll have to take you guys there someday.  They have the coolest stuff.
We went to the really fancy mall, Maya 
and I invited up in the movie theatre.  
The view from the balcony!
Chiang Mai is so beautiful!

District conference!  Sister Wadsana made sure we got a picture
 with her while we were here haha
 My and sister C-Game!  One of my favorite members in Lampang,
 I was super excited to see her at the district meeting
 We went to sister Chomyong and her neighbors puppies came running after us.
  They are so cute, we had to take a picture with them!
Streets of Chiang Mai!

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