Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MTC- week 9 Good Bye MTC!

Hello family! 

I got surprised by being told I get to email you guys today since we don't get our P-day tomorrow. 

This week has gone by so fast (probably because I didn't want it to)! But it was a good week. We had our last lessons with our investigators and it was surprisingly hard to say good bye to them. Even though I'm not the best teacher in Thai, I love teaching! I've had so many good memories here in the MTC and in class. In one of our lessons last week with Phii Cittaa, me and Sister Johnson laughed. The entire time! We were already wound up because we had been laughing so much and right before we went in and taught we were trying to calm ourselves down. So we said a prayer and looked through the peep whole and he was drawing on the board. We couldn't see what he was drawing so we just knocked on the door, said our sawad dii khaa's and sat down. As soon as me and Sister Johnson looked at the board, we DIED laughing! The picture didn't get erased all the way and it just looked like a crazy animal (it should not have been that funny but it was). So here we are trying to teach a lesson and we can't even talk because we're laughing so hard! Poor Phii Cittaa, he was so confused, he had no idea what to do. We had to have him say the opening prayer because we were laughing so hard! After that we were ok and just super happy and smiley, and then a while into the lesson he started whistling! Sister Johnson started laughing and then I started laughing. I was literally begging her to stop! It was really bad. It was one of the funniest lessons of my life though! I'm just glad that wasn't a real investigator though! 
We've been meeting with one of the gold tag investigators, Leah, for the past couple of weeks. She was raised Christian and she knew one of the people that worked here in MTC and recommended she start coming here. We have some differences in what we all believe but what she has pointed out and taught me is how to see things in a different way. The way we say things and what we focus on and how that affects a person. There were some things we were indifferent on but I've learned that it's not what's different in our beliefs that's important but what we all share that really brings us together. It was a cool experience for me! Even though we're the ones teaching, we were also being uplifted and learning from one another's testimonies. 
Today during sacrament meeting, all of us (the two Thai districts that are leaving tomorrow) sang a musical number for the last time in the MTC. One of the elders, Elder Dickey, composed A Child's Prayer and Come Thou Fount into one song, and it sounded really good! It was a great way to end our time here together. I'll never forget these two districts, they've all strengthened my testimony so much and I feel so privileged to be serving along with them in Thailand. We had to say good bye to all of our teachers yesterday which was quite hard! I'm glad that I won't have to say good bye to my district though. Because they're all coming with me! My district has become my family, I love them all as if they were really my brothers and sisters. We've grown a lot together, and I think it's a time we've all shared together that we'll never forget! I'll miss having Sister Johnson as my companion though! She has become like a sister to me and it will be weird for us to be a part. But we said that we're going to pray that we at least get to be companions one more time out in the field. We'll see what Heavenly Father thinks!  I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow, it all feels so unreal. I'm so excited though! I can't wait to get started. I'm ready for this next adventure! 
Love you all! 
-Sister Carrillo 

We had the best teachers!
Sister Anderson and Sister Olson.
Such good little students!
Sister Johnson and my last visit to the temple!
I am going to miss her so much!
This is our room as we were
trying to pack!
It was a disaster!
Last night was our last night seeing Leah.
Since her birthday is on Tuesday , we made her a
birthday card and Elder Roberts shared his rum cake
with us.  It was a fun night!
Saying goodbye to all of our teachers!!
We will miss Brother Yuen too! 
(the Nccn Thai's stole him)  haha!
At the temple with Brother and Sister Weaver!
We are going to miss them!
Sister Olsen got a fruit basket and I got Brownies
(from my mom and dad)
We are two happy missionaries.
Especially Me!

Things I will miss about the MTC:
-Waking up at 5:45 am to go work out
-Making my own salad at the salad bar (and rice crispie treats!)
-Sunday night movies! 
-Tuesday Devo's
-Choir with Brother Egget!
-Class, I always looked forward to it
-My teachers, I learned so much from them! 
-Speaking in Thai to the other missionaries and they just stare at us 
-Going to the temple on p-days
-Having district devo's on Sunday's and Tuesday's. I learned so much from my district!
-Teaching Phii Citta and Phii Chaan
-Going to TRC (even though it was scary!)
-People calling me push-ups (I did 100 a night) 
-Singing random songs with Sister Johnson (we've been music deprived!)
-Sister Painter making us laugh until we cried
-Service days! I never realized how much I loved to clean (I know, it's weird)! 
-Trying to mimic how my teachers said a word (because I could NOT hear the tone)
-Me and Elder Wertz doing jumping jacks when we felt like we were going to fall asleep
-TALL (even though sometimes it was not very trustworthy) 
-Eating sack breakfast every morning
-When one of us in our district find a fun or crazy Thai word and teach it to each other 
-Talking about our day with all the sisters in the zone while we got ready for bed 
-Playing with Sister Johnson's magic ring-on-a-chain 
-Personal study outside when it was nice and warm!
-Singing Called to Serve before Devo with hundreds of other missionaries
-Being terrified for a lesson and then going in and loving it
-Break time with the entire zone. We are crazy! 
-Temple walks on Sunday's 
-Everyone making fun of me for my addiction to chocolate
-The branch presidency! They were like our second parents! 
-Sister Johnson, Anderson, Olsen and I randomly quoting and singing songs from Nacho Libre  
-Sacrament meeting and being terrified that I was going to get called up to speak
-Getting DearElders
-The funny/weird/random conversations our district has 
-Seeing everyone everyday!
-Going the scenic route everyday back to the residence. Me and Sister Johnson loved looking at the stars and the moon (when it was out)
-My district (my second family) and my zone! 
-Sister Johnson! She is a person I will always be close with! 
-Last but not least, I'm going to just miss being here! It's been a once in a lifetime experience and one I will never forget! Being in the MTC has changed who I am and who I will be as a missionary

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