Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, April 27, 2015

Thailand/Korat- week 2 Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!


Well I made it through my first week of being a missionary out in the field! It went by so fast but not at the same time. I'm getting used to being stared at, kind of. People here just aren't used to seeing a white girl walking around asking them if they want to go to church. It was kind of a rough week though, people just aren't that interested and I kind of started getting used to that after a while. Our district has a goal of getting 16 baptisms by the end of the transfer which I think is totally possible if it's the will of Heavenly Father. Yesterday we decided to go out and invite. I honestly did not want to at all! It was so hot and it was Sunday and Sunday's I think will be super hard for me to go out because it's Sunday haha. But we went to a park (it's humungous, with a lake!). There was hardly anyone there though, which was weird, and we were about to leave when we saw this old man. We were just like, "let's go talk to him and then leave." We asked him if he'd ever been to church before and handed him one of our handouts. He stared at it and said that someone had given him one of those before. He was such a sweet old man, I hardly understood what he'd said but I felt Heavenly Father's love for him. I've felt that so strongly for everyone I've talked to, it's kind of amazing. We got his number and he said that he'd want to try it out! We were so excited after that. We decided to stay at the park. We said he totally looked like a temple worker. So that's what we kept telling ourselves, that each person we were talking to was a future branch president or young women's leader or temple worker. It helped a lot! We talked to more people though than we ever had before. More success than we'd had all week! It was such a miracle to us. I'm grateful that we went out, we never would've found those people. One of the guys we talked to has family in Boise and he said he wants me to go teach them hahaha.

One of the members in the ward who got baptized a year ago is going to the temple soon in Hong Kong. She's an amazing lady, she broke up with her boyfriend who she had a kid with and everything because he wouldn't marry her and join the church.   

Things are going good! I'm understanding some more. I definitely need to speak more. Everyone says it takes about two transfers for things to finally click. If you work on it! So I'm going to start working on it! 

Since my companion is a sister training leader I get to go to Roi-Et this week for a couple of days. I'm so excited to go! When President Senior interviewed me, he asked me if there was anything else he didn't know about me. I'd pretty much told him everything so I blurted out that I love to travel. He said ok that's all I need to know. And he put me with a companion that travels to different places! Such a blessing! Next week I get to go to Bangkok with her so I will see Sister Johnson too! Way excited! 

Well the food is KIND of getting better for me. The smell still makes me sick and there's a taste in it that makes me sick too. But I TRY. There's a place we always go to for lunch and I have a favorite dish there I get every time. It's pretty much stir fry but whatever, it's good and I'll eat it! There's this chocolate drink that I love to get! I'm still pretty obsessed with chocolate. I found tiny bags of Brookeside at Tesco. I about cried. I was so excited. I ended up making a scene about it, everyone was staring at me haha. The place where I'm at is a city, it's really big! I think that the reason I'm having a hard time adjusting is because I really hate cities but I keep telling myself that I can't say that. I have to love where I'm at and not say that I'll be happier when this or that happens. 
Things have been getting better, I'm starting to get accustomed to stuff. I've read so many talks though about completely giving up my will to Heavenly Father. It's hard because I've never had to do that before and I'm almost scared to. But I know exactly who I want to become out of this and I know that He will show me the way to become that person. A lot of it is getting out of my comfort zone. I have to keep telling myself what Jilian Michael's used to say at the end of her workouts (haha). "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable." I also have to tell myself that I fear no man. I have to tell myself a lot of stuff to get me to go up to people. Heavenly Father is definitely taking care of me though, I've been blessed with so much strength. And at the end of the day I always think that I can't do that again but I will. I know Heavenly Father sent me here for a reason, I have no idea why! But that's ok. I'm learning! I just need to stop fighting myself and forget about everything. I don't want to waste time here and keep myself from progressing. 
Hope all is well at home! Take care! Love you all so much! 
Sister Carrillo 

At the park.  The wind was insane!!

This was the park we went to invite people to
come to church.
Found this at the park!  SOOO Pretty!!
I went into our room one night and Sister Sirikwan was sitting
on my bed.  I was wondering what she was doing and she
was sewing my sheet back together that I had ripped.  
I LOVE Thai people!  The nicest people ever!!
Sister Sirikwan is from Chiang Mai and is companions
with Sister Buchter from Missouri.  We house with both of them.
Went to Swensen's!  It's pretty much like
Coldstone, but they have the most delicious ice cream!
My companion thought she was funny taking a picture of
herself when she was suppose to take a picture of me!
My first Cocoa Yen!
I was so obsessed with these for a while!
You have the option of getting a drink in a bag!
They don't use hand soap, they use washing liquor.
America needs to get up to date.  HAHA
(this is what it says on the soap bottle at church)

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