Sister Maisie Carrillo

Sister Maisie Carrillo

Monday, August 17, 2015

Thailand/Korat- week 18 I love every time a general authority walks into the room because I instantly know that they are a representative of Christ. You can just feel it.

Hello Fam Bam,
This last week was another busy one. I really enjoy busy weeks. They make me feel the most accomplished! We've gotten a couple of new investigators including Bom. He showed up one night at the church (I think he might have been drunk?) but you could totally see this guy just needed help. I felt so bad for him. And he knew he was missing something too. He told us he just felt horrible because he had so much sin. We taught him about repentance, how there was hope that he could be forgiven and changed. While we were teaching him, his countenance completely changed to me. Like I could see who he could become through the gospel. It's so cool. I have a lot of those experiences where I see them the way Heavenly Father sees them and the potential that they have. He said he felt so much better from just being around us though and had that hope that he'd be able to change his life. I seriously have the best calling ever. I get no greater joy than being able to help bring my brothers and sisters closer to the Savior. 
So yesterday at three we left for Bangkok and didn't get here until about 9. The traffic was really bad coming here since they're having a bike race for Mother's day (here it's on the 14th, the Queen's birthday). We are staying in a hotel called the T.U.B. Let's just say that this hotel lives up to it's name. It's funny how less picky I am. Before I probably would've looked at the room and said "heck no" and left. But I just wanted to sleep and see Elder Holland so I didn't care. This morning we got to the church at 7:30 and got all situated to get ready to take a picture with Elder Holland. We were singing Come Thou Fount when he walked in. I love every time a general authority walks into the room because I instantly know that they are a representative of Christ. You can just feel it. We took a picture with him and then he wanted to shake each of our hands and have us tell him our name and where we're from. Yeah, I shook Elder Holland's hand! Later he told us that he doesn't even listen to what we say but he that few seconds that we look into his eyes, he's interviewing us and looking into our souls pretty much. He said that there are a couple of us that are struggling but nothing serious. I thought that was way cool! He spoke to us about missionary work of course. But I loved his way of doing it. You can tell his mission meant so much to him. He kept on saying that over and over. How one day has not gone by in the last 52 years that he has not thought of his mission. His mission changed his life and had a huge affect on him. My favorite story he told was about his grandson who was going on a mission and he said his number one fear was that he would go back home the same person. That has definitely been one of my fears! That I'd go back home and I'd go back to the same old things and none of it will have really had an effect on me. But he talked about how we are the Lord's investigators. We know things about this gospel, how to pray, all the stories, all the basics. But the Lord needs us to keep progressing, keep learning more, keep searching. Before our missions, we could have been a good person but that person was just not good enough. It's like that one section in the D&C. That one soul that we bring to the Lord is us. This experience has been the hardest I've ever had in my life. I've never been so exhausted or to the point where I've just wanted to give up more than I have in the past six months of my life. It's been so hard. But I have one chance to be a missionary. I get 12 more months to squish everything that the Lord has set for to learn as a missionary. I obviously have felt strongly since I was a little kid that I was suppose to go and I know that there is a purpose in that. So I'm not going to let this all be in vain. I was just very grateful for everything that he shared with us. It was exactly everything that I needed to hear. I've struggled with being here but that was a wake up call for me. I need to be here and I was meant to be here. I really am grateful to be a missionary! I've never struggled so much but I've also never been so happy. I thought I knew my Savior before, I know Him so much better now. I've come to know Him so much more personally as I've struggled and prayed for His guidance. I have come to love it! I love Thailand and I love the people here! I'm so blessed to be a missionary and a representative of my Savior. I could go on and on forever but I'll just end it with I love missionary work. 
So after Elder Holland it was P-day! We went with the Elders to the Terminal Mall in Asoke and ate at this taco place. It was so good, I miss Mexican food so much! I had a Horchata (I think that's what it's called) for the first time. Everyone was making a big deal that I'm Mexican and I've never drank one. Has dad ever had one before? We also had apple pie, it was delish! We hung out at the mall for a little while and now we are here! We're going to the market tonight,  I'm so excited! I'm going to get some of your guys Christmas stuff from there. I bought the boys and dad ties. They're way cool, some  of the fabric is from Myanmar. I can't wait until you guys get it!  Tomorrow we get to hear from Elder Holland again though! SO excited!
That's so exciting about Sara and Richard! I want to come back with them when they come. How long will they be in Thailand? They will love it! The Thai people are the nicest I've ever met. They'll love Sara since she's so pretty. I'll teach them some Thai before they come. 
Love you guys all. I think about you guys a lot! I love little kids so much here because they remind me of Crue and Carsen. I miss those two! And Taeli and Aubrie of course too :) I almost cry whenever I think of you all. Not because I'm sad but because I just love you all so much! It's funny, you don't realize how much you love people until you can't be with them. That's how it will probably be for me when I leave Thailand too! 
Love you all! Have a good week! 
Alma 5: 7 - President Johnson quoted this scripture to us. Love it!
P.s. the fam pics are cute :) keep sending me pictures!

 All the missionaries with Elder Holland
 Singing for Elder Holland
Yeah!  I shook Elder Hollands hand!!

 We visited a members friends house who is investigating the church.  
Her house is about 2 hours outside Korat.  
It was so cute, exactly how I pictured Thailand
After we taught her we went out and picked some fruit in her little garden!
The orchard was so pretty!
 I have no idea what this fruit is,
 nor do I know how to say it in Thai
Look how sweaty I am from picking fruit! :)
All the fruit we picked!  Yum!!
Gotta get a selfie!!

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